Good morning Sunshine!

Start you day with a little sunshine. I did.

Out my front door

I live in the mountains. I know, sounds weird. Love it here. There is LOTS of fresh air (high in antioxidants, hehe). And wildlife…

Deer are everywhere here

Well, now that you’ve had your daily dose of vitamin D, on with the day. Today is a rest day for my P90X routine but I did about 45 minutes of yoga anyway. I needed the stretch. And then blended a little smoothie together.

Coconut water, a lot of spinach, maca, lucuma, ice, blend.
Topped with some homemade raw granola. So good! And you get used to the color. 😉

And now I’m at work. And yes, I’m actually working… and taking some blog/internet/email breaks. One thing I would like to share is a great contest from Healing with (Raw) Juices blog. She is giving away Amazing Grass green food products. Yum! If you have not tried them, I suggest you do! They are pretty good and great for you!

To sign off for this morning, here are some pictures from the Victoria Marathon trip I had 2 weeks ago, promised I’d post, and now I am:

Until later.

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