Bosu your Wednesday

Well, you guessed it! It’s Wednesday! The middle of the week and only 2 days away until my birthday! Oh my, I’ll be 25 years old! Crazy!

I never got around to writing yesterday, sorry about that! The day was pretty busy. Today on the other hand, is much more calm. I even started my day at the gym with 30 minutes on the stationary bike followed by a Bosu Ball workout. Not the most intense workout but I was short on time.
Each rep is performed on a Bosu ball:

Triceps overhead extension, 8 lbs weights in each hand, 15 x 3
Forearm upright row, 10 lbs each, 12 x 3
Bosu narrow squats, body weight, 20 x 2
Bosu wide squats, two Bosu balls, one foot on each, 20 x 2
Abs, variety, lost count

Wonderful little thing that Bosu ball is. Any exercise you can do on an uneven surface adds a dynamic that helps you engage your core. Balancing on the Bosu, for example, while doing any kind of weight training uses more muscle groups, 2-for-1 type deal. Plus its fun trying to stay on the ball! 😉

The 3 day intensive workshop for Personal Training taught me so much. I truly love learning… well I truly love learning about things that interest me. ha. I fell in love with exercise all over again! Now that I have a more firm grasp on why we do different exercises and what muscle groups are effected by different moves, I want to keep learning all that I can. Right now, I’m learning all about the heart and cardiorespiratory disorders. Pretty interesting stuff.

I am not yet certified, that requires a test, but I am studying (and the workshoped helped a LOT) to take the test and become certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. ACSM is definitely a great place to get a personal training certification from. (Their standards are held high and the test is not a piece of cake. The information you need to know if pretty indepth. Also, ACSM is accredited, which is something one would want when looking for a certification.) Much studying to come.

Most of the time when considering health and fitness, one just looks at exercise. But there are different categories for health and fitness. Fields to consider are physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. To really be healthy, all of these things should be addressed. often times we are busy or focused on just one area and ignore the others. Balance is so important in life; balancing work and social life, exercise and sedentary time, nutritional components. Lots of times when one part of your life is unbalanced, symptoms start to arise such as depression or illness, or just plain unhappiness. Such complex things us humans are!

In the spirit of Wednesday and finding balance, here are two things to think about… they just arrived in my email inbox from Cafe Gratitude’s mailing list:

What do you want to be responsible for?

What is blessed about today?

Thank you for reading.
Enjoy the day!
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