Oh it’s Monday.

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Happy Monday or Happy Almost-Over Monday!! It’s about 5 pm where I am and that means TIME TO GO HOME! Today has definitely been a Monday. The phones have not stopped ringing, lots of patients came in today to get supplements, lots of orders came in, so busy!

I spent the weekend in Chico and did not get home until late last night, so today has been a bit challenging. I am tired. But good news, my 3 day workshop for Personal Training training went amazing! I loved every minute of it! Considering it was all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I learned A LOT. I realized that I miss school. I miss learning about all of the things that I am truly passionate about. I loved it. I will write a much more detailed post tomorrow. Too much thinking went on this weekend. 😉

But I did get to learn various ways to test body fat. And we tested each other, only to find out that our little body fat machine in our office is WAY off (which is not good considering patients are using this!!). I recently posted my P90X results with my body fat being at 23%… well, this weekend I found out that my body fat is really at 12%. That is a HUGE difference! But you can bet I’m happy about the difference!!! I work so hard on eating right and exercising and being at healthy and fit as I can. So it is great to know that the work has definitely paid off!

More on everything later. Work time is over. Home, here I come!

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