Almost Friday

Welcome to Thursday night (the day before Friday… yippie!)

First off, I’m working on a header for the top of the blog… any ideas would be great… the one up right now is something I threw together at work. Anyway…

I am very excited with a package I received yesterday…

My boyfriend and I split the cost of new adjustable weights… since I have doing the P90X routines I have been upping the amount of weight I lift. We have one set of weights right now that are adjustible but not as easy as these babies are! Nice! Like I’ve mentioned before, I get excited by the little things…

So, I used the weights this morning for my P90X Legs and Back workout:
* 2 sets of the following totaling 88 reps*
Reverse grip chin-ups
Wide front pull-ups
Closed grip overhand pull-ups
Switch grip pull-ups

Leg with wall squats, single leg wall squats, weighted squats, balance lunges, calf raise squats, etc.

And the amazing, great, sweaty, Ab Ripper X routine:
In and outs – 25 reps
Seated bicycle – 50 reps
Seated crunchy frog – 25 reps
Crossed leg sit up – 25 reps
Fifer scissor – 25 reps
Hip rock and raise – 25 reps x 2
Pulse up – heels to heaven – 25 reps
Roll ups/ V combo – 30 reps
Oblique V ups – 25 reps x 2
Leg climb – 30 reps
Mason/side to side twist with legs up – 50 reps

Then off to work with my mason jar of green smoothie!
This green monster consisted of fresh (Thai baby) coconut water, spinach, half of a banana, knob of fresh ginger, agave syrup, chocolate hemp protein powder,  maca powder, mesquite powder, cayenne pepper, pinch of salt, and a dash of vanilla extract. All blended up with ice.

Mmm mmm gone!

And while at work I sipped on some Uncoffee. A Teeccino Herbal Coffee to be exact. Right now I’m half way through a bag of the Maya Chocolaté Herbal Coffee. Enjoyed with a little almond milk and a few drops of Sweet Leaf Stevia Chocolate flavor. Deliciously warm.

What would go well with my uncoffee right about now…? Raw cupcakes!!! Yep. Cupcakes. Raw. Meaning no gluten, no wheat, no dairy, no refined sugar, no soy, no bad for you anything! Ah, isn’t life great! Well, it would be even more great if I actually had one to eat… ha!

I made some a few weeks ago and now I’m getting the craving again. Actually, the craving is for making them, eating them is just an added benefit. 😉

So what the heck are these raw cupcakes made out of anyway?

Well, the base of these are sprouted buckwheat. I’ll be experiementing tonight and let you know how these turn out, maybe even include a recipe!Yay!

To finish the night, and the blog, I’m drinking a glass of Trader Joe’s Reserve Cab. Actually really good tasting. Thanks Gabbi!

Good night!

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