Blogging in bed

Happy Sunday! I hope that, so far, everyone has had a wonderful weekend. And Sunday’s are my favorite weekend day, even if this one is wet and rainy. But right now I’m in my nice warm bed blogging away.

So far the weekend has been pretty relaxed. Yesterday I had a quick visit in San Francisco and while I was there visited what I like to call my raw food candy store. My sister was with me and got to try out some of their amazing dishes for the first time. Togo, I ordered “I am Worthy,” “I am Whole,” and “I am Rapture.” (blood tonic- green juice with beets, macrobiotic bowl of quinoa, kale, sea veggies, kim chee and garlic-tahini sauce, and German chocolate layer cake). My sister ordered “I am Thankful” and “I am Cool” (coconut curry soup and a mint chocolate chip shake).

Here is a little recap of my Wednesday Weekly Challenge for Water Consumption:

Wednesday: 3.5 Liters
Thursday: 3 Liters
Friday: 3 Liters
Saturday: 3.5 Liters
Sunday: Ongoing (so far 1 Liter)

Not bad! I’ve been making it a point to get in those 3 liters, aside from the water I get from tea or fruits and veggie consumption (which do add a good amount if you’re consuming lots of them!)

Well, time to start the day. Lots to do. We cut our Christmas tree down from our backyard since we live in the forest, today it goes up. We have to decorate the house, clean the garage (brrrrrrr), overhaul the house (clean), and a few other things. I may even make some Christmas (raw) cookies!