“Fermented tea that is imbibed for medicinal purposes…Kombucha is available commercially, but can be made at home by fermenting tea using a visible solid mass of microorganisms called a kombucha culture or mushroom.” –Wikipedia.org

Oh I’m getting thirsty just writing this. I love the stuff.

Kombucha is, like Wikipedia said, made from fermented mushroom cultrues, or one big mushroom culture called, the Mother. It’s gross and slimy but it does its job well.

So, Kombucha, to me, tastes really good. It is, however, an aquired taste. Most people have probably seen the Kombucha drinks in Whole Foods or various grocery stores called GT’s Kombucha (just in case you wanted to know, Gingerade or Grape is my FAVORITE!). Those are definitely my favorite but making your own is tasty, WAY cheaper, and easy! Also fun.

Here’s my experience with Kombucha making…

Start with a 1/2 cup of sugar. Boil the sugar in about a gallon of water. Add 4 teabags of tea of choice. I’ve been using green tea. Note: be careful to use teas without added oils. The oils may harm or kill the poor mother!

Let the tea and sugar water cool to room temperature and then pure into a large glass container. Then add the mother!

Doesn’t it look… interesting…? Mine started as a little tiny piece and grew to this beast!

Place a cloth over the opening of the glass container and let sit in a warm area of the house, preferably a dark area, for 1 to 3 weeks. It should taste… a little like apple cider vinegar, but better. ;- )

Really, it’s much better than I’m describing and the health benefits are huge!

Although not proven, drinking Kombucha health claims include increased engery, sharper eyesight, better digestions, healthier looking skin, also health benefits for the liver. When I drink it, I do experience increased energy and better digestion, and it tastes great, so it’s my healthy little cocktail of the day.


So, this is my Kombucha as of today. Time to bottle! Or stick in the fridge to stop the fermentation. At this point, also, you can add fruit or fruit juice to add some flavor.

Aside from Kombucha making, my boyfriend, boyfriend’s mom, and I are starting our Chia Pet! Frog Chia, that is! Since I’m the only “strange” one in my house, I eat chia seeds all the time… but never have I had my own chia pet or chia grower! Can’t wait for the sprouts… we’ll be eating those things soon!

You’ll be seeing them as they start to sprout… or as our frog starts to grow… fur??

I love growing, fermenting, grinding, (etc.) my own foods. It’s so much more fun. Plus it is healthier. You know where it is coming from and you know what’s in the foods. My opinion, the only way to create your foods!