(Not) As Seen On TV

Welcome my Monday blog readers! Hope everyone’s Monday went well. My day started interestingly enough.

I woke up to find the power out this morning. No wind, rain, snow… why was the power out? Still a mystery. Anyway, since I workout in the morning and I was awake anyway, I decided to take a little trip to the gym. And, as always, I had a great workout! Not only do I cleanse my system after a good hard workout, but I feel so much more energized for the day! Today I tangoed with the stationary bike, doing 20 minutes of hill intervals. Every 15 seconds sprinted uphill (standing with resistance), then 15 seconds recovery. Followed by 10 minute, 30 second jumps. Wonderful. After the bike, I jumped on the treadmill. Really, treadmill running is incredibly boring for me… but I decided to make it a little more interesting with a 5k with the treadmill, hills included, alternating between a speed of 6.8 and 7.5. I was on a mission.

Water intake for the day is lagging a little. I have had 2 liters so far and a 12 oz fresh green juice from whole foods (this has a ton of water), but not yet to 3 liters. In drinking so much water every day, I have noticed that I am craving the water more. I’m almost thirsty… interesting. But since I’m loading up on lots of veggies and fruits every day, including my almost daily giant green smoothie, I am getting a lot of water. Much more than just the water I am drinking. Eating your water for the day does count. More on this tomorrow.

Well, as promised by the title of this post, I give you (Not) As Seen On TV

Yep, that is our sad little Chia Frog. It looks like it may be bald, except for the sides… kinda reminds me of… nevermind. But really?! It’s been 2 weeks! Anyway, not as successful as the ads or commercials… I think that’s how they get ya.

Hmmm, since the power was out this morning I had to find whatever was in the fridge to pack for lunch at work and I stopped by Whole Foods (hince the green juice). Work lunch ala power outage:

Baked Tofu and Whole Foods’ Kale and Seaweed Salad
Really, this meal hit the spot.

The tofu was marinaded in a little something I like to call, It’s-In-The-Fridge?-Throw-It-In… aka, nama shoyu, lemon, basalmic vinegar, garlic, ginger, and honey. Pretty tastey marinade.

That’s all for now!