Tea me!

Happy Tuesday!

I’d like to start off by dedicating this post to Gabrielle. She is awesome. She is tough. She is generous. She bought me tea! And she is my boyfriend’s mother. Surprised, are you? Well, the reason that I am dedicating this post to her is due to a few reasons. One, she let’s me live in her home, with her son (yeah I know, we’re living in sin…) while she lives in Europe with her husband (boyfriend’s father). She comes home (to the US) every couple of month and stays for a couple of month and still let’s me stay in her house! She’s awesome that way… It’s nice having her home, too, since we gang up on the boy in the house. 😉

Anyway, the second reason for this post dedication, Gabbi went to China with her husband and brought me back some presents!

Chopsticks for my boyfriend and I


And more tea!

And third reason for the post dedication, is because Gabbi got me a Kombucha mother! And that will be a more detailed post for tomorrow… and I’m sure most of you are asking yourself, “What the heck is Kombucha, let alone it’s mother?!”

Well you will find out soon!


This morning I had a great workout.

P90X Shoulders and Arms
(Do 3 exercises, then repeat)

Standing alternating shoulder press
In and out bicep curls (two arm curls, with two DBs, one rep in and one outward)
Two arm tricep kickbacks

Deep swimmers press (Start low and come up to bicep curl then straight up to overhead press)
Full supination concentration curl (curl, then rotate curl towards chest and squeeze at top)
Chair Dips

Upright rows
Static arm curl
Flip grip twist tricep kickback (two grips – one palms up then reverse to palms down)

Seated two angle shoulder fly (first angle upright fly, then second bend over fly)
Crouching Cohen curl (crouch down and place two DBs between knees, two arm curl)
Lying down tricep extensions

In and out straight arm shoulder flys
Congdon curls (two arm bicep curls -standard curl up then hammer curl down)
Side tri raise (lay on side then with one arm push up then lower body)

Followed by…

Ab Ripper X
In and outs – 25 reps
Seated bicycle – 50 reps
Seated crunchy frog – 25 reps
Crossed leg sit up – 25 reps
Fifer scissor – 25 reps
Hip rock and raise – 25 reps
Pulse up – heels to heaven – 25 reps
Roll ups/ V combo – 30 reps
Oblique V ups – 25 reps x 2
Leg climb – 30 reps
Mason/side to side twist with legs up – 50 reps

And it was glorious. I love the feeling after a hard workout!

Enjoy your night!