The no good very bad day

I know we have all had those days where nothing goes right. Everyone is upset about something. The sun just does not shine quite as bright as you’d like it to. Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and I’m sharing it with Alexander. Ok, please tell me you read this book when you were little… or at least have heard of it… well, anyway, today really isn’t terrible, horrible, or very bad, but it is no good. Just one of those days.

I hate to be negative so let’s change the subject… Tomorrow the sun will be shining full force. So, as I drag myself above the clouds with some chocolate in hand… onto the day’s post.

In light of this cold day, . It’s about time since yes, the blog is called Run Lori Run and no, there is not a lot of actual running going on. Exercise and sweating and food, oh glorious food, is present, but not the outdoor running that once took place. Since my marathon I have taken a little break. Once winter comes to a closing or it gets a little warmer outside running will return to my life. For the time being, I would like to announce a new Wednesday posting to this blog: Wednesday’s Weekly Challenge. Yep, every Wednesday I am going to try something new, debunk an exercise myth or question, learn a new skill, talk to a stranger, something out of my daily or weekly norm. So, I give you Run Lori Run’s Wednesday Weekly Challenge. After the challenge has been completed I will write about my experience. Sounds a little boring but I promise you I’ll make it as interesting as I can. And the fun part come now: You get to help choose the challenge!

Now to start the official Wednesday Weekly Challenge, challenge #1 is an easy one and I encourage everyone to try it too. Drink at least 80 ounces of water every day (or about 2.5 liters). Try this for one week and see how you feel. I need to get more water in my system for various reasons and to just feel better. I know, not the greatest challenge, but come on, it’s the first one.

So, today I have had about two Sigg bottles (1 liter each) of water, a large green tea from Pete’s Coffee (doesn’t quite count), and three 16 oz water bottles. Ok, that’s a lot. I’ve had to pee quite a few times today but not as often as I probably should, which may mean I am slightly dehydrated. Today’s approximate water consumption: about 3.5 liters, or 118.35 ounces. Beat those 80 oz!
Here’s a little info you may want to check out regarding water consumption and the benefits of adding more water to your day.

Ok, this post is a little on the random side but it’s been a long day. Hope everyone has a great night. Tomorrow will, hopefully, be better.

And if you have anything you would like to suggest as a challenge, please, please, please either email me at or post it as a comment. Suggestions can be any myth about exercise (to see if it works or does not work), what happens if you do this for a week, etc. I’m your guinea pig. I’m really hoping this challenge thing makes sense.

Until tomorrow.

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