Guest Post: The Great Protein Debate

Happy Monday!
Starting your day out right is important. It is a fact that we should be eating a solid breakfast in order to optimize our day. Along with breakfast, blog reading is another essential element to a stellar day, well at least mine. Yes, I love to read the news and catch up on current issues, but peaking into a bloggers day of meals, exercises, and thoughts, just makes me happy. 
So, thank you to all of you who blog. It takes time, dedication, a camera, and creativity, and we look forward to reading it. So, thanks!

Since today is Monday (again) and I would like you to start off your day, and week, right. Today includes a special guest post by a talented woman; Someone who has helped to put Almond Butter on the map! Well, at least she’s made almond butter a household name for those dedicated readers of her blog. She eats like a champ, posts great reads, and creates amazing pancake recipes to boot! Without further introduction, Heather from Heather Eats Almond Butter.

First off, many thanks to Lori for allowing me to guest post on Run.Lori.Run. Lori, I’m honored. 🙂
OK, so let’s talk protein…
…1 gram per pound of bodyweight…2 grams per kilogram…no no no, that’s way too high, just use this calculator to determine your daily protein requirements…Anyone else out there confused about how much protein our bodies require? I am!
Anything health or fitness related always interests me, and the amount of protein we truly need seems to be a pretty hot topic. After all, the body is made up of over 50% protein, and we have to get the essential amino acids our bodies require from the food we eat. But again, how much do we need to eat?
See, the thing is, I want to look lean and muscular. To me, there is nothing more beautiful on a woman than a sculpted  arm. In fact, I’ve been known to approach complete strangers to ask how did you get such amazing biceps? Well, I have come to learn that even though a large part is diet, it takes some work to gain those muscles. Protein alone does not = bigger muscles. However, in attempt to gain lean muscle mass, I keep making the mistake of eating lean lean lean protein even though my body says no no no. Upping my protein intake has never given me bigger muscles, just a bigger stomach.
 Every time I try eating a diet higher in protein, I give up meals like this…

2 whole eggs with sweet potato fries and almond butter.

for meals like this…

Green Protein Shake

So not fun, and the thing is every time I try eating higher protein, I gain weight…and trust me, it’s not on my biceps. I know what works for me, and I don’t know why I keep straying from a diet high in fat, with moderate carbs and protein, as it’s the way of eating that helped me lose weight as well as maintain my current weight. So, for me, no more counting grams of protein. Since I eat meat, I know I’m getting plenty, and if it’s stronger biceps I want, then I’ll hit the yoga mat for some chaturangas. In the past, they’ve done more for my arms than any amount of egg white omelets ever did.
My point to this whole post is to remind all of you that what works for some is not going to work for others. I know that many people thrive on a high protein diet. I don’t…my body simply converts the excess protein into glucose, and it goes straight to my belly. For me, the focus needs to be on higher amounts of fat, not protein. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way. Listen to YOUR body my friends, and it will tell you what it needs.
What about you? Are you a protein junkie, a lover of all fats, or a carb addict? What works best for YOU?

Thanks Heather!!

Have a great day everyone! Hope that filled you up!

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