I am whole

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday!

I managed to get today started superbly! After laying in bed this morning, for quite a while, catching up on some of my favorite blogs, I took a trip over to heathereatsalmondbutter.com, knowing that Heather always has great looking pancake recipes. In the mood for a green smoothie breakfast break (only a slight break), I decided to try out one of her recipes. Now, I need to point out that her pancakes are not like conventional pancakes, filled with sugar, floury gluten, and dairy. Heather’s pancakes have a different texture, as they are allergy free and loaded with good for you proteins. After browsing her recipes for a while, I decided to make a mixture between her Coconut Flour Pancakes and the Protein Pancakes.

Oats, coconut flour, chocolate hemp protein powder, egg whites, vanilla, cinnamon, salt, and baking powder

The verdict? Some of the most uniquely delicious pancakes ever. And they were topped with one of my favorite things… Tahini (and agave)! So good. Definitely hit the spot.

I just couldn’t help but suffocate them with the good stuff (tahini)

After, I cleared my plate, I hurried out the door to the yoga studio. This morning we had an amazing power yoga class. And really, who needs a steam room/sauna when you attend a VERY crowded power class?? Not I. It was glorious.

Later, to my surprise (best day of my life), the Whole Foods Market, located only 20 miles from my house, opened up a Cafe Gratitude inside. Honestly, I could not be happier. You just do not understand. I love Cafe Gratitude. A raw, vegan, delicious, (expensive), cafe. My paradise. And needless to say, I wandered over to become Whole with their macrobiotic bowl of shredded kale, sea vegetables, steamed quinoa, house made kim chee and sprouts with garlic-tahini sauce and teriyaki almonds.

I am Whole.
Raw food dream come true.

Yes, it was amazingly good. I also decided to become a little Effervesecent with the house gingerale (Ginger, lemon, agave and naturally sparkling water on ice). Refreshing.

My day has been fulfilled. All I need to do now is get a new cell phone (fiasco described at the end of the post). It’s been two full weeks without one. And actually, it’s kind of nice not having one. But, I’m caving and purchasing one tonight.

Get ready for Monday!

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