It’s raining, it’s POURING

Good morning, Monday! Wow, the rain is coming down here! It’s close to a monsoon outside! Thank goodness I’m nice and toasty warm (at work) with my little space heater.

So, I definitely had an eventfull and eventless weekend. Yes, it was mine and my boyfriend’s anniversary this weekend. Two years! Wow! So, Friday, we had a dinner date at California Cafe. I did not get a chance to take pictures but I’ll tell you, the food was great! We split the Spicy Tuna Poke (with pickled cucumer, avocado, micro greens, sriracha sauce) for an appetizer and I went with the Blackened Salmon over a strawberry beurre blanc sauce and the mashed Ginger Okinawa Sweet Potato (they were purple). The boyfriend got meat, meat, and more meat (Grilled Butcher’s Steak with a demi glaze). Everything was delicious!!

Saturday, we decided to be lazy for most of the morning. I made a breakfast of baked acorn squash topped with a protein powder, almond milk, spirulina, cacao, agave mixture. Topped with sliced peaches.

Sorry for the blurry picture

And I decided to take a day’s break for working out. Well, I didn’t workout on Saturday but I did hold the plank pose for 4 minutes, 30 seconds. And let me just say, OUCH. It was pretty hard, but I am still going to try for 5 full minutes.
Anyway, Saturday we went wine tasting for the local Passport Event in our area. Mama Samaan was our designated driver, thank you for that, and we managed to hit six wineries. By the end, I was definitely, as the saying goes, three sheets to the wind. We came home, ate some dinner, and watched our Netflix’d, Land of the Lost (a horrible, horrible movie). I made it through about 20 minutes of the movie and fell asleep.

Looking back, I don’t really remember taking this picture
but I guess I really wanted to show you my salad

Sunday, again, after lounging around, feeling like we went to a few too many wineries, the boyfriend and I went to rainy Santa Cruz and browsed some stores. We stopped at Charlie Hong Kong’s for some organic, vegan curry, and returned to our little cabin-o-love.

Yep. That was it. That was our weekend. It was relaxing.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part of all. The part that made the whole weekend eventful! At work, around 3:30 pm, Friday afternoon, I visited the ladies room, and as I flushed the toilet, my phone decided to venture out of my pocket and into the flushing bowl. And then… it disappeared. Gone.

I just stared at the now empty toilet for a good long while, thinking, “Really?! I just flushed my phone?!”
And so that story turned into having one of our patients come (also a construction company owner) to take the whole toilet apart and getting my phone (which rang for about an hour before it completely died! We could hear it vibrating in the wall when we called it). Sad to say, my phone will not turn on now. And here I thought that only happened in the movies…

Enjoy your day! I’m hoping mine takes a turn for the better. It’s been that kind of a morning.