Sushi Chef and Dinner Date Friday

Oh it’s Friday. I love Friday. I love being off of work on Friday. Can you tell I would rather not be at work sometimes… anyway…

Last night, my boyfriend and I spent a some time putting all of our change into those little coin roll containers. And can you believe it, after all that hard work was over, we got paid $100.50. That was the grand total from all of the change (mostly my boyfriend’s, since he pays cash for everything and disregards the change) that has been put into a jar from various places around the house. Yeah, it’s worth saving all those loose monies for a long time, just to get a large end result. And, as I told you from yesterday’s post, tonight, we are going on a little date to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Can’t wait!!

Last night, my boyfriend’s brother made the whole family sushi! And he did a fantastic job with the presentation! I helped out by making an Asian cabbage salad and homemade raw, vegan pickled ginger, recipe found here.

The first roll was an Inside-Out Dragon Roll. It was perfect.
His station

His supplies

The master at work

Unagi Appetizers

My supplies

 My plate

Asian Cabbage Salad

So that was our dinner. It was fun to watch the boyfriend’s brother make the sushi and definitely good eating it.
I hope everyone enjoys their Friday night… tomorrow you’ll get a recap of tonight’s dinner date.
Weekend’s (anniversary) To Do’s:
Friday night- date with the boyfriend
Saturday- wine tasting (YAY! I haven’t touched alcohol, wine included, in 2 weeks!) with the boyfriend
Sunday- Indoor rock climbing
Can’t wait for 5:00 pm!