Random Monday

Happy Monday! What a weekend! Hope yours was full! And not just your Superbowl watchin’ bellies…

I have to add that this post would have been published much earlier than it was but I left my camera at home today, and I usually gather all the pics and write the post at work… don’t tell my boss…

This weekend I was pretty productive. Aside from deep cleaning the house for a little Superbowl get together at mi casa, I helped make tons of food and even made it to the local farmers market, early Sunday.

Love, love, love the atmosphere of farmers markets! The fresh, juicy, locally grown fruits and vegetables. The venders creating fragrant smells of warm crepes, fluffy falafels, and of course, raw chocolate!

Snake & Butterfly. Local company that makes some mean chocolates! Raw varieties, but also some organic and clean treats, as well. And you can order online…

Some of the best “bought” sauerkraut made. Not as great as making your own, but still very good.

And one vendor had raw sugar cane. I have never seen this stuff before, nor tried it. It’s interesting. Chew then spit. Tastes pretty good.

I heart dried fruit.

Saturday, I met a friend for a little reunion. We were roommates for two years in college and had not seen each other for three years! Elissa, thanks for the meetup! I love you! Seeing you made my day!

Friday, I posted my first GIVEAWAY! If you haven’t yet, be sure to enter to win an ice cream maker from the good people at Cookware.com and Stool.
So far, all of the ice cream ideas by you readers have been fantastic! Some of those flavor combinations… YUM!
And I received a special comment (well, all of your comments are special!) from the makers of Alkemie Ice Cream. One of the owners saw my review of their dairy-free ice cream and gave a shout-out on their site (click here)!

Oh, and I just had a small bowl of their Dark Chocolate Dairy-Free Ice Cream. So good. Try it!

Have a great Monday!

Tomorrow I’m posting a confession of love and a fresh, EASY, fat free, cheesy sauce. Meat-Eater Boyfriend approved!

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