Green Weeks: Official Green Day

Today’s St. Patty’s Day! Like you didn’t already know…

Today is also Green Weeks, Day Ten. And is the end of Green Weeks. I’m sad too. But Green Weeks is starting up again next month in honor of Earth Day. More details and green tips later.

Shamrock cake! 
I wish I could say I have a recipe for this, or that it’s mine, but it’s not. 
I just liked the picture. But you can check out the recipe here.

How is your day going so far? Good, hopefully. And I hope you are wearing green. If you are not, pinch yourself for me. You can bet that I’m wearing green today. I even wore it to the gym. I’m hard core like that.

As I glanced around blog land, I found the best idea for today’s post. Katie of  Making Food and Other Stuff had the great idea to host a green challenge to honor St. Patrick’s Day. Challenge: Do something green that you don’t normally do.
I love this idea. But what the heck could you do?

  • Make a green dish for dinner, loaded with veggies, and forgo the meat.
  • Plant a seed or sprout some
  • Start a compost (I’m working on this one…)
  • Reuse those plastic bags that you get grocery store produce in
  • Use a grocery tote for your store purchases
  • Ride your bike instead of using your car
  • Try juicing some green juice (yuuuuuum)
  • Get out into the sun and take a walk
  • Start recycling in your office or home, if you don’t already (I started this one at work… they’re a little slow…)
  • Print one less item today at work or home
  • Make a green smoothie for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert! Be sure to include lots of greens (parsley, spinach, celery, kale, bok choy, basil, etc.)
  • Drink a green beer (?)

Keep the ideas flowing… comment with a suggestion of what you could do to Green today, just a little bit more.

Mmmm. I’d like to throw these into a shake…
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