Green Week Participants and Outdoor Adventures

Who’s workin’ that Green Week Challenge shiiiiit stuff? They are…
Living, Loving, Learning is greening Green Weeks.
The Kitchen of a Runner is doing it in Green…
Cardio Foodie is rockin’ the blog info.
Coffee is my Carrot posted challenges here and here!
Sweet and Sweat knocked off some challenges too.
The Vegster is using her Earth knowledge to compete.

And but of course, Katie is Making Food And Other Stuff green style.

Gabbi (or, as I like to call her, Mama Samaan (the boyfriend’s mom)) is reducing her carbon footprint too… and sending me pictures to prove it!

She’s eatin’ her veggies
Cold washin’
Sun dryin’
Grocery store BYO baggin’
And compost pilin’
Mama Samaan, you are on a roll!
Thanks for being up for the Challenge!
Remember, there are prizes to be won!!!
Anyway, now a segment I like to call, My Weekend.  
When I got home from work on Friday, the boyfriend surprised me with a gift. (I guess he’s playing the Green Week Challenges too…)
AND, it’s eco-friendly! The label says to.
Yup, I’m sportin’ the new gear. And according to the backpack’s label, the Eco-Friendly Hang Tag Program has their tags made with 100% post consumer recycled paper and printed with soy based ink.
Stats include:
4,068 Trees saved
756,902 Gallons of water saved
3,476 energy units saved
North Face, thank you for doing your part!
And Sunday I got to use my new backpack!
Have I ever mentioned there is amazing hiking in the South Bay area of California?
No? Well, there is!
Boyfriend at the top of a repelling rock… people were actually out there rock climbing!
It was pretty cool… I’m going to need to try that some day!
Lazy boy.
This weekend, we also found a really cool bug that I just had to post.
We saved it and returned it to Mother Earth.
Super metallic and shiny. The pictures do it no justice!
Well, that was my weekend, in a nutshell… Eats will be posted later…
Mmmmm. Mmmmm.
Can we say, ‘Basil Kreme Fig Moon Pie‘?