It’s Friday!

So, Wednesday, April 28th, was my mom and my younger sister’s birthdays. Yes, they were born on the same day… when I was little I really wished I could return her present for her. Now, I’m happy to have a little brat sister to hang out with and converse about our lives. I do love her, I swear!

Anyway, ever since Averie posted about Chocomize, I’ve been dying to try out my hand at chocolate making… this is totally cheating, but what the heck? I picked out the flavors at least! And what better way to say Happy Birthday than a huge chocolate bar made especially for you?!

I finally got my package of sweet creations!

And yeah, I had to order one for myself… someone has to make sure it’s not poisoned!

Mine is the spicy dark chocolate bar to the left

Dark chocolate with cayenne pepper, black peppercorns, mini chipotles, and sea salt

Man, oh man was this one good! Wow. The sea salt creates this burst of flavor paired with the sweetness of the chocolate… Mmmm! And then there are the spicy, smoky sensation the peppercorns add. And the chipotles… hot.

I even named my bar:

Birthday girl, Christine, sister, got little Graham Cracker bears swimming through her dark chocolate

And those little bears weren’t alone. Butter toasted peanuts, cranberries, and sprinkles joined the Teddy Grahams in their dark chocolate bath. (obviously the sister is not as concerned with foods as I am…)

Check out the name on her chocolate bar….

Her nickname, dubbed by yours truly, has been Stinky since she was born. Just thought you’d like to know.

Onto the race!

Yup, I’m signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon in July! July 25th to be exact. So, all of you get to read about my training! That is, ahem, once I start.

(Not me.)

I’m planning on starting my half marathon training in May… well, tomorrow! I have a program that I will be following, loosely, because, well, I know I can do the 13.2 miles without any real problems but I’d like to beat my time that I had during my first one. Time to beat: 1:54. I know I can do it. It shall be done.

What spurred this need to run? Well, I think it was due to the sun a’shining, the flowers a’blooming, and my accidental 12 miler last Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, it’s FRIDAY! WHO THE HECK ISN’T EXCITED ABOUT THAT?!?!?!

That’s all for now, my friends! Have a fabulous day, weekend, night, day, dinner, breakfast, exercise sesh, (and most importantly) dessert!

What are your plans for the weekend??

Mine? Ah, well thanks for asking.

I will be running Saturday morning, getting the hair done, cleaning the house, and relaxing with the boyfriend. Sunday is more cleaning of the house and a BBQ at the boyfriend’s cousin’s. Can’t wait!

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