Tips for Indoor Gardening and Green Eats

So, like I said yesterday, today I’m bloggin’ about Moon Pies. Interesting little guys, but so delicious. The idea was based on the very original recipe and Moon Pie Challenge by Ms.Heather Pace, owner of delicious blog, Sweetly Raw. I did not get a chance to enter the contest, but the entries were amazingly creative. Although mine could have been a worthy contestant.

Basil-Vanilla Filled Fig Moon Pie

Not quite apparent, but that it Moon Pie Fig-Oatmeal-Walnut Cake with one layer of Vanilla Kreme and one layer of Basil Vanilla Kreme. I decided to leave off the chocolate encrusting due to saving a few calories and, well, out of laziness. But it was amazing, nonetheless.

The vanilla and basil kreme centers melded into a synergistic belly dance for the tongue and paired with the chocolate-fig-walnut-oat crust, perfection. Sadly, these are the only pictures I have of the sexy lady, but I will be making it again soon- and not only because I have way too much of the filling left over, just waiting to use used. I’m thinking cinnamon-cardamon or lemon. Mmmmm.

Anyway, moving on to Green Week
Earth Day is right around the corner (actually it’s 2 days away!). How are you celebrating?

I’m eating my veggies…

I’ve got my roasted onion, diakon, and red bell peppers with scrambled eggs
Sided with savory roasted brussel sprouts (cayenne, salt, pepper) and sweet roasted brussel sprouts (maple syrup and salt)
And a dollop of Umeboshi Plum Paste (<— GOOD stuff)
Edamame anyone?
How about some fresh basil, tomatoes, and olives on a sprouted wheat tortilla?
I think that’s eating pretty close to Mother Earth…
Oh, and topped with salad!

Forgot to mention her yesterday but Averie is on board with Green Week Challenges!
And Gabi is still at it as well…

Walking to the gym to green her lungs, legs, and environment.
She also jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon!
Her spinach, peaches, banana, orange juice, yogurt smoothie
Enjoying it in the sun.

One of the best ways to help out the environment, your health, and your wallet, is to plant a garden. But some people are not so lucky to have space outdoors to do so. Here are some tips to get your indoor garden up and running (or sprouting). (source)
Location, location, location: Select a spot inside your home that gets at least four hours of sunlight a day. Florescent lights or metal halide grow lamps may be a good alternative, if no natural sunlight is available.
Choose Containers: Wood, clay, or ceramic containers work well for countertop gardening. Be sure to choose containers with proper drainage and consider sizes. Small rows of pots work well for multiple herbs, and larger pots for vegetables. Avoid overcrowding the seedlings and plants.
Pick Your Plants: Basil, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme, and rosemary are the easiest herbs for indoor growth. Spinach, leaf lettuces, endive, cherry tomatoes, and peppers make for great indoor vegetable plants.
Add Some Soil: Depending on what you decided to grow, starting from seeds, seedlings, or cuttings is up to you. Each container, though, should have a sufficient amount (four parts) of potting soil, mixed with one part organic fertilizer or compost. Be sure to read the seed packet instructions for depth, light, and water required for each plant.


Hope everyone plants at least one veggie, herb, flower, or even tree, this Earth Day… why not, right?

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