Eats, Drinks, and Rides

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday. Welcome to Tuesday. Since I was busy busy yesterday, and a little burned out of internet games, I decided to take a break from blog writing and read a few of my favorites instead. But, of course, since this is my “Blog Monday” you get to recap my weekend filled with delicious adventures.

First, as you already know if you read Sunday’s post, I made my entry into Sweetly Raw‘s Raw Ice Cream Challenge. Ok, this was seriously a fun challenge! I get to make a cool, creative, raw, dessert and I get to eat it. Life is just grand this way.

Hello, Delicious!!!!

Rewind to Saturday, with a group outing. (If you haven’t checked out before, please do. This is a wonderful way to meet others and to get out in the sun and play!) Mama Samaan and I joined about 17 others in a 26.5 (round trip) mile bike ride out to a local winery, and back. Once we arrived at the winery, we had a potluck/snack/picnic and enjoyed a bit of wine tasting. Great weekend to go too… the winery was having an event so tastings were freeeeee.

This is the Cork ‘N Bottle event. You bring your own, clean wine bottle (or buy one for 50 cents) and they fill it, label it (with their label or your own!), and you’re done. Super cool and only $4 a bottle. Nice!

And finally, they put a cork in it. (hehe)

Miss Mama Samaan.

Mama Samaan, Me, Meetup group leader sippin’ away.


And how do you fuel such a day? Well, with breakfast of champions of course!

With a slight break from my morning green smoothie, I embarked on Tempeh “Sausage” making. Using this recipe by vegan Post Punk Kitchen, and adding a few ingredients, the “sausage” turned out amazing and will be a new weekend meal!

Hmmmm… let’s see, what else did I eat (or didn’t I eat, sheesh!)…


Spinach salad with warm onions and walnuts sauteed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil with strawberries. Mama Samaan recipe that is DELICIOUS.

Let’s save the rest of the eats for another day. Enjoy your Tuesday!!

Questions of the Day:

Have you ever been wine tasting? If so, where is your favorite place to taste at? And what is your favorite wine? I love wine tasting in drier climates. My favorite place to taste is Sonoma County, California. Healdsburg has some of the best, boldest yet sweet, wines that I have had. I love going there for a relaxing weekend of great tastings. And my favorite wines are Syrah and Zins. Mmmmmm.

What is your go-to safe place? Do you curl up on your bed when you’re bummed or in need of alone time? Do you go for a run? My safe place is a mountain trail, running. I feel free, safe (usually), and secure. Nothing can stand in my way of a great run and freeing my mind. Otherwise, I feel safe when I’m at home with my boyfriend, us snuggling next to each other.

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