Happy Memorial Day

It’s been a wonderful couple of days. Being completely void of technology and work but connecting with nature (and having it FINALLY warm and sunny) is amazingly calming. I’m definitely enjoying my three day weekend… how is your weekend going? Do you have a three day weekend too??? How about an extended-out-of-the-country vacation? No? I’d like one… but Katie is doing a fine job at her vacation! In fact, I did a little guest post for her today… take a look at it here!

Enjoy your (hopefully) Monday off!

2 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day”

  • Ohh man I don’t think I can think of the most delicious recipe I’ve made for my blog or just for myself. I’ve had quite a few mouth-watering things 😀 I’m actually starting to drool just thinking about some of them hehehe. Speaking of eats, all of yours look so insanely delicious. I use to be totally crazy over kale and I haven’t had it in way too long. I think it’s time I pick up a bunch next time I’m at the store 🙂

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