Mama S’ Simple Salad

It all starts with some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Then gains fresh parsley, white onions, and apple cider vinegar.

They sit and meld and gain more flavor.

And then fresh, crispy lettuce is brought to the party.

And maybe a tomato or two.

And then tossed Simple Salad met up with dinner on a plate.

Roasted brussel sprouts (by Lori), along with *Mama Samaan’s whole roasted chicken and simple (yet TASTY) salad.

Mama Samaan’s Simple Salad

  • Lemon juice, freshly squeeze
  • Apple cider vinegar**
  • Olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • Fresh parsley, chopped
  • White onion, chopped or sliced, and marinated in the dressing until ready to toss the salad
  • Lettuce (any kind)
  • Tomatoes

**Usually Mama Samaan uses an Arabic pomegranate syrup but we were out so she went with my apple cider vinegar. The pom syrup drizzled on the salad is amazing. Super different element that is divine.

Salad making directions: Slice, chop, pour, mix, eat. Your done.

So, yup, *Mama Samaan has returned. In case any of you are new to meeting Mama Samaan, here’s the rundown:

Gabi is my boyfriend’s mother. The boyfriend and I live in his parents’ house (Gabi, aka Mama Samaan and Papa Samaan). The boyfriend’s parents live in England and Mama Samaan comes home, about every 3 months, to visit for a few weeks to a few months. When she’s home, order returns to our home. You see, my boyfriend is a bit… lazy when it comes to household chores. When Mama Samaan is back, he’s a different person. Mama Samaan, how do you do it??????????? Teach me your magical ways!

So, the eats may be a little different than normal (rabbit food) for the next 6 weeks, but they’ll always be delicious.

Anyway, back to the foods. So, after dinner, which I might add, I ate one two three helpings of, (small helpings of the salad and bru’ sprouts, but still, I was hungry!) I wanted something sweet. Sweet but not too sweet, and filled with protein. So, what’s a LoriRun to do? I called emailed flew to Arizona stole borrowed Katie’s idea! Actually both Katies’ ideas.

My inspirations for these protein brownie cakes were a Chocolate Covered Katie and a Crafty Katie. Also, inspired to make them via this post about adapting recipes… (it’s a contest by the way!) Interesting post by One Hot Stove. I suggest you read it. I guess I adapted the adapted… cool.

I adapted my recipe to include 2 whole eggs (cause I was too lazy to throw out the yoke… wow…), vanilla and chocolate protein powders, water instead of almond milk, a banana, 2 tbsp of a green powder (with spirulina), maca, and I doubled the recipe. Yeah, I’m really not good at sticking to a recipe.

These little brownie cakes were good, yet mine, since I doubled the recipe and left out banana #2, were pretty dry. So, I slathered mine with coconut yogurt and carob chips. Yeah, I’m a badass. A rebel with(out) a chocolate cause. A bra burnin’ reformist. Or just a healthy-sugars addict. Take your pick.

And wouldn’t you know, the boyfriend was craving some dessert, too. So he pulled out his vitamin D, whole milk, his full-sugar, butterscotch, instant pudding (oh. my. goodness. I know. He just can’t be my boyfriend.), and mixed them up to begin his sugar-high.

But, in his defense, the damn man NEVER gains a pound eating WHATEVER he wants. And no, I’m not bitter.

He even dedicated his butterscotch dreams to me!

Tell me you can read this. It says, ‘Lori runs.’

Disgusting but hilarious. And yes, he’s the ONLY one eating this pudding.

So, it’s Friday and that means it’s the weekend (in less than 24 hours! OMG, I’m so excited!). What are you doing this weekend??? After work, the boyfriend and I are on our way to Santa Barbara for a friend’s birthday of an all day scavenger hunt throughout downtown Santa Barbara (there may or may not be alcohol involved…) and also celebrating my sister’s belated birthday since she lives in SB. Can’t wait to see you, Sister!!!

Question of the Day: Who is your life would you like to give thanks to today? I would like to thank Gabi (Mama Samaan) for always being completely gracious of me living in her house, and for being selfless with others. I would like to thank my real Mom, well, because she’s my mom and has and always will be there for me. And last, but not least, I would like to thank every single one of you reading this today. Without you, I would just be writing aimlessly.

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