Homegrown Happiness

Look what Mama Samaan found yesterday!! Veggie Boxes! Sea Level Farm is a local provider for Veggie Boxes that are CCOF certified (I love veggies!!!). Is it sad that I get excited for things like this…? Even though we already have a garden, my boyfriend and I will probably be signing up. The boxes are picked up weekly and only $25! Look at all that is included this week:

Carrots, golden beets, red beets, purple radish, rainbow chard, escarole, frisee, 4 different head lettuces, spinach, chervil, cilantro, parsley, and two baskets of strawberries.

Ok, can you get all of this at the grocery store for only $25? I think not. What a fantastic deal and a great way to try out some new greens! I have no idea what frisee or chervil is but I plan on finding out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, yeah, back to the garden… the boyfriend and I started our garden in April. Then the showers came. And stayed. And it rained more. Until FINALLY they ended (like last week…grrrr…). So we now have some “fruits” of our labor! Check out last night’s salad, using all the wonderful mesclun mix and arugula we are growing:

Bowl ‘O Alkalinity or Deliciousness

Yum! So much better fresh!

While at work today (hopefully not much longer ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) a patient was waiting for his appointment and greeted everyone that came in and out of the front office, where he sat. He was so positive and happy. And the happiness was genuine.

Me to patient: I love how happy you are. It’s great!

Patient: Why not be happy? Today is the day to be happy. You could be miserable but being happy is so much better.

Me: True, true. Words to live by.

Patient: No, words to practice.

Amen. Man, some days I could use the reminder. I love that outlook on life. Just be happy. Makes me smile just saying writing it.

So…. Happy Friday, to you! What are you going to do with your happy weekend???

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