Jackie and Random Babble

CrossFit is awesome. I wasn’t that into it when I first started but now, I’m hooked. The workouts are short, intense, and always, always, always different. Not only are the workouts completely different than anything I have done before, but the people are great! This is why I love working out with a group- interaction gets me every time. I think I’m an attention whore… but only when I’m not the center of the attention… nevermind.

WOD (Workout Of the Day): Jackie

1,000 meter row (on rowing machine)

50 thrusters (squat with weighted overhead press)

30 pull-ups

All for time.

As you can see, I finished in 9:22. And as you can also see, I’m the only woman (ever) in my AM class. I think the guys secretly (or not so secretly) like me there. I give the class a “girly” feel… I’m the one cheering the guys on with their amazingly heavy weights. I’m also the one that tries to get everyone to have a big sweaty group hug at the end of class… I’ll let you dwell on that one.

But, back to the workout. This workout was the ending to the rest of the exercises, which I found my max for deadlifts, 105 lbs. Not great, but it’s also a relatively new exercise for me, and I never lift super heavy…until now.  😉

About the “Jackie” workout: CrossFit includes community and Wednesday’s workout, Jackie, was in honor of a local police officer’s mother, Jackie, who went in for surgery yesterday. CrossFit has WOD workouts named for different honored military and police officers based on what that particular person liked to do (for exercise). After our workout, we included a group picture of all of us next to the above whiteboard workout. The picture was sent to Jack and his family. What a nice gesture. And why not?

Speaking of CrossFit, I’m still doing a mostly Paleo way of eating. Not going fully overboard with the theory of eating like a caveman, but liking what I am doing. And I’m still getting my “desserts” in…

Don’t be fooled. This round blob atop parchment paper may look strange, but I kid you not, others in my house ate more of it than I did… and, if you knew those in my house (and the weird things I eat), that’s saying something.

This is my version of raw scones, just in one big scone, or a raw fruitcake. So simple, I surprised myself how tasty it was. Included in the mess:

  • Juicing pulp (juiced celery, cucumber, apples, blackberries, orange)
  • Soaked almonds and pumpkin seeds
  • Sesame seeds
  • Blackberries
  • Dates
  • Raisins
  • Vanilla
  • Liquid Stevia
  • Salt

Really, that was it. I think I lucked out on this one. It was moist, flavorful, not too sweet, and filling. I’ll make this again soon and try to include the measurements of all ingredients.

In other (completely unrelated and totally random) news, I found a new flavor to my morning “coffee.”

Best flavor. Try it. No, I do not get paid to endorse them. But I do take offers… Teeccino, you hear me??

Alright, that’s enough for today… holding back information just keeps the reader more engaged, right? Um….. yeah…. tomorrow I’ll have a delicious recipe to share with everyone.

Chia Almond Paleo Bars: raw, loaded with protein, gluten free, dairy free, delicious, and portable.

Question: What is your morning ritual? Do you have a morning ritual or do you just go with the flow of things? My morning ritual varies only VERY slightly. I wake up (soooo early) and make it to the gym by 5:50 am, do CrossFit or another workout. Shower, get ready for work, get to work, pull out my green smoothie (that I made before leaving for the gym), and drinking my herbal Teeccino coffee. And really, that’s pretty much it. And I definitely always eat breakfast. Just in case you were dying to know.

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