Shortest Post Ever

I played around with the new layout of my blog for a minute a while hours today. Literally. So, that being the case, I am completely out of topics to write about today on my little blog. That being the case, this is about the extent of today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. 😉

How do you like the new layout? I, personally, think it captures “me” a little better than the old one. This one is more playful and light and I am “feelin'” it more.

Random Questions Of The Day:

1. Are you vacationing anywhere this summer? Where? Why did you choose that place to go? I am leaving for Alaska next Friday! Woo Hoo! I am a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding there and I am very excited! Anyone have any suggestions on what to do while I’m there? I’m going alone so I’ll have some free time to explore, solo.

2. Do you ever feel overwhelmed? What are your ways of de-stressing? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of my extra-curricular activities I’m doing. I love all that I have on my plate but sometimes I just need a break. That’s when I call my mom (hi Mom! I love you!), talk things over with her, open a bottle of wine (drown my sorrows- haha, totally kidding), and relax. Just voicing your internal stressors makes a huge difference. And great advice my mother always says is, “Tomorrow will be better.” And this is always true.

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