Monday as Friday

Well, play time had to end sooner or later and I’m back from my hiatus in Alaska!!! Yup! I just spent 5 full days in Anchorage, Alaska soaking up the summer sun playing in the clouds, rain, a little sun, deep sea fishing, having a blast at my friend’s wedding, touching a glacier, drinking glacier water (THEN I was told there are sometimes parasites in the water…. um….), running in the streets of Anchorage, seeing a HUGE moose, watching some reindeer, bonding with new friends, drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee, and looking at the clock at 2:00 am thinking how crazy it is that it looked and felt like it was 5:00 in the afternoon (!!). All-in-all, it was an amazing, amazing trip and don’t you worry, you will be getting all the details and pictures as soon as I recover.

Actually, today I’m just posting a little blurb (see first paragraph) to say I’m back in action and this weekend you’ll be filled in on the vaca. Today must be spent checking/replying to emails, catching up on work, reading my very missed blog friends posts, and getting settled back into reality. ๐Ÿ™‚ The work week isn’t so bad when your first day back is Friday…

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