TGIF Rants and Random Writes

Dehydrating cookies of goodness. Topped with organic honey.

I’ve busy “baking” for Averie, the lovely winner of my Blogiversary Giveaway from last week. I love playing in the kitchen. Especially if sweet things are assembled.

Enter Rant

Who the heck out there is ready for Friday?! Sheesh, am I ever ready! I’ve had the week from hell and I’m pretty sure my adrenals have taken a little hit with all the added stress I’ve placed on myself. And to top off my lovely, insane week, I got my hair cut and colored yesterday… first time for a coloring in about two years… let’s just say, it did NOT turn out the way I asked or wanted. And now, I’m stressing out from this. I paid way too much and got what looks like the combination of a skunk running through a rainbow. The chocolatey dark brown with a hint of redish turned into, let’s call it, raspberry redish-purple, and the carmely highlights are now larger strips of orangey-“blonde.” I’m completely not trying to ruin your Friday, but I just had to get this out in the open… I’m mortified. The cut is nice though. Ug!

Any suggestions?! Tips? Comments? HELP! I desperately need to have it dyed one dark color now (my poor beautiful brunette hair!) but they can’t get me in until next Wednesday… and do I really want to go back to them?!

At least it’s Friday and I have a long weekend and it’s a holiday and I can finally relax, but I’m not exactly wanting to make an appearance in any public place.

Rant over (although any feedback is still welcome in the comment section).

Cookies. These were a trial run of what I’m sending to Averie. My raw version of the S(tandard)A(merican)D(iet) snickerdoodle cookies that we all know and love dearly- only WAY healthier! Mine include almond meal, chia seeds, vanilla extract, Stevia, cinnamon, yacon syrup, coconut butter, and a few other key ingredients. Low on the sugar, high on the nutrients.

I’ll be posting more trial runs and hopefully a final this weekend, possibly including a recipe.

Completely random and because I think I’ve run out of new pictures to post, here’s a little taste of my desserts lately:

Simple and sweet, plain non-fat greek yogurt topped with juicy ripe raspberries and organic honey. Really, it’s delicious… and pretty. All I need are some blueberries and I’ve got myself a patriotic meal.

What are your plans for celebrating the 4th of July?

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