How to: Procrastinate

When studying for [insert appropriate action here], one does get distracted. In my case, I am studying for the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Personal Trainer Exam. This exam, along with the study material, is super in-depth, specific, and well, hard. This is the “top” certificate you can get in the fitness industry, along with a few others, so as I read, study, and try to learn these concepts, pathways, and exercise prescription movements, have fun with this list of how to procrastinate.

How To: Procrastinate

1. Make a list of how to procrastinate.

2. Doodle on a piece of paper. These doodles can be 3-dimensional squares, hearts, circles, squiggles, lines, dots, dashes, or any other mark your pen wants to make.

3. Switch pen colors and type to see which one “writes” the best.

4. Browse your favorite blogs.

5. Text message your friends… or a stranger.

6. Grab a(n unneeded) snack. I prefer homemade raw cookies… or veggies… if there is hummus involved.

7. Write a blog post. It doesn’t need to be interesting, as you can see, just any old post will do. I enjoy living by example.

8. Make a list of to-do items or menu ideas for the day/week.

9. Google the word procrastinate.

10. Successfully “publish” a completely [un]useful post for the world to read. Perhaps it gave you some ideas?

There you have it. My list of how to procrastinate. I hope you learned a lot (about who I am and what goes on in this weird brain of mine). That was my list… but for an even better list…

What does your procrastination list look like? I know you’ve got one.

Hmmm… that was fun. Now back to studying. ๐Ÿ™‚

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