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I took a gym yoga class the other morning. It was not as vigorous as I’m used to with studio yoga, but sooooo needed, nonetheless. With tight hips (seriously, my hips are ridiculously tight) from CrossFit and running, yoga was exactly what I needed.

A little stretching for my hips helped in a big way. And a little stretching for my mind helped even more. The yoga instructor gave a little “speech” before class; Letting go of what what no longer suits you. Interesting concept.

This definitely ties in with my Fear post from the other day. Think about it. What can you choose, consciously, to let go of? Is there a label that you place upon yourself that no longer fits? A stereotype you can release? The example the yoga instructor used for her own life’s situation was that both of her parents are now gone, and she is no longer a daughter. She acknowledges this, not placing judgment on it. How this will effect her life, she doesn’t know and doesn’t try to know. She has just let go of this that no longer suits her.

What if we let go of those things that did not suit us, that we no longer really needed? It might be something as simple as throwing away some old mail or switching up that exercise routine that is not showing results. Or as complex and time consuming as clearing out your closet or doing a little more self love. “Results may vary” depending on what you’re “getting rid of” but that mental (or even tangible) weight might be lifted from your life.

Oppositely, what can you learned to embrace that does suit you?

Give back to yourself. Do something for you. Enjoy being. Smile because…