Sweet Vegan and Dairy Free Meet-Up

So, as you may or may not know, I had a blogger meet-up with quite a popular blogger this past weekend. I had the completely privilege of meeting Alisa, author of two great informational sites, One Frugal Foodie and Go Dairy Free. She’s published, does publishing, and is an all-around amazing woman. She was even kind enough to give me two of books!!

Alisa‘s informational book on going dairy free… just flipping through the pages for a brief moment, so many great recipes jumped out at me; Carrot Whip, Banana Crumb Coffee Cake, Easy Oatmeal Blender Waffles, and some delicious “ice cream” recipes. You can be sure that I’ve already marked the recipes I’m making SOON. The best part about this book is that their are ingredient alternatives for almost every recipes- vegan, gluten free, (obviously) dairy free. Love it!

My Sweet Vegan is the other book Alisa gave me. This one has amazing photographs of even more amazing foods. The recipes are decadent, easy, and look ridiculously sinful. These are made with the real stuff dreams are made of… sugar. Organic and vegan, though. I’ll definitely be sharing some of the goods that I make. They all look so good… where to start?!

Anyway, thanks for the meet-up, Alisa! I had a great time getting to know this girl. She even liked the balls I made her… um, yeah…

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