Worth a thousand smiles :)

I was blown away by some of the comments I received on Tuesday’s post on Fear. Honestly, they were so heartfelt and honest- not to mention involved some seriously awesome feedback.

Ela, you said it best with:

“I love it when connecting with other bloggers starts to feel serendipitous – a web of people trying to do their very best and pouring out their souls to share with everyone and help others do the same.

Sincere thanks again!”

That amazing Snacking Squirrel, Kelsey gave some (or passed along) pretty damn good advice…

“My mom used to always tell me that if I sit on the safe side of the wall, i may feel better but I’ll always look at it and wonder whats on the other side. Maybe I will put my ear to it and see if i can figure out if its safe or not.. or I’ll try to climb it. None of these will help unless I break through and risk the comfort I’ve made for a life that could be better. And if I do face ‘fear’ and break down its walls but I don’t like whats on the other side, I can choose to re-build that barrier and stay back in my comfort zone.. or possibly take on the other walls that lay beyond the ones I break through.”

I love this take on things. It almost gives me chills to read this… Don’t Mom’s always know best?

And friends, they sometimes know best too. Like when you’re in a writing rut and just can’t seem to find the “perfect” topic, they’re right there to help you out…

And since all of you made me smile, and we all need to smile more, why not tribute this post to the simple gestures we can do for others that make life just a bit more enjoyable.

What are some examples of these gestures?

  • Smile at a friend, stranger, grocery clerk, mailman, anyone
  • Call a friend just to say ‘hi’
  • Hold the open the door for someone (and let them go first)
  • Pay it forward: bridge/road toll, coffee shop, etc.
  • Hand write a letter to someone, just because
  • Tell someone you appreciate them
  • Tell the person you routinely see, that gives you good service, that they do a great job
  • Donate (shameless plug) to a great cause

Try one, some, or all of these and see how you feel. Ultimately, it’s about them, but you can get a little joy from doing good deeds too! No harm in that.

WHO doesn't love the Gingerbread Man?! Seriously...

I’m sure you’ve noticed but my posts that last few days have been a little on the serious side of things. In my writings, I tend to just go with the flow of how I’m feeling, what foods I’ve made (and taken pictures of), or what amazing workouts have kicked my butt. Well, the workouts have definitely kicked something but the creative juices have slowed in the recipe department. I have some kitchen love coming tonight so don’t you worry, food will be back tomorrow! Ooooooh, just in time for Friday! Geez, did this week go by fast or what? (love when that happens!)


Example of unkind gestures (but still makes me giggle by reading)

What are some kind gestures you would like to receive or have received?