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Here are a few things that I have discovered/noticed/practiced/was entertained by/etc over the last few weeks.

I would really love to share some awesome recipes and dishes with you but sadly, AGAIN today, I forgot my camera!! Erg! I hate that. But since I don’t have food to share, I’ll share some cool thoughts instead. 😉

  • Yogic Breathing: Alternate nostril breathing. (sounds weird, but I swear it’s pretty cool…)
    1. Close the right nostril with your right thumb and inhale through the left nostril. Do this to the count of four seconds.
    2. Immediately close the left nostril with your right ring finger and little finger, and at the same time remove your thumb from the right nostril, and exhale through this nostril. Do this to the count of eight seconds. This completes a half round.
    3. Inhale through the right nostril to the count of four seconds. Close the right nostril with your right thumb and exhale through the left nostril to the count of eight seconds. This completes one full round.
  • Start by doing three rounds, adding one per week until you are doing seven rounds.

    The benefits:

-The exercise produces optimum function to both sides of the brain: that is optimum creativity and optimum logical verbal activity. This also creates a more balanced person, since both halves of the brain are functioning property.
-The yogis consider this to be the best technique to calm the mind and the nervous system.

  • Destress: Take 10 minutes each day to relax. A lot of us, women especially, tend to pile on layers upon layers to life.
    • This will not only help calm you down but help you gain the energy to perform at your peak.
  • Take some time each day to mediate, sit quietly, stretch, something- just for you.
  • Learn to say yes and learn to say no.
    • As much as we would like to at times, we cannot do it all. Pick those things that you really want to do and let go of those you do not. 🙂
  • Do more listening than talking
  • Write down your goals and look at them daily. Not only will they be more attainable, but you just might reach them faster.
  • Learn to say, “Oh well.” Some things we just can’t change.

Time is something we give to priority. Make the most of it.

And some questions…

What are 3 things that today has taught you that you can improve on tomorrow?

Why aren’t you doing what you know you really should be doing?

(what should you really be doing, anyway?)

Working? Playing? Teaching? Studying? Or, Being? 😉

9 thoughts on “Think about it”

  • i took a yoga class where in the instructor started with the alternate nostril breathing. i thought it was going to be one of those “crazy lady” classes but i ended up loving it. it really did calm me down and opened me up a bit.
    .-= kate´s last blog ..Calcium Quest =-.

  • The nostril breathing is cool…I have trouble “breathing properly” and that practice was something that helped!!

    3 things today has taught me….hmmmm…..I will have to get back to you on that.

    Oh, and about New Orleans…I was only there once a few years ago, hmmm, I was still blonde so it was probably like 06? I can;t remember the naes of where we ate, but my hubby is REALLY into his food, so we went out to eat every night….it was ALL so good! We ate at one really fancy place, and it was actually our least fav meal! I asked all the locals where to eat when we were there, the fancy place I kind of stumbled upon during the day, was talking to the waiter outside (people there are SOOO nice)….and thought the menu looked good…but it wasn’t as impressive for the price. The BEST stuff was the good ole’ local places!
    .-= Laury @thefitnessdish´s last blog ..Munchie Monday =-.

  • That breathing thing freaks me out, to be honest. I used to try to do it a few years ago, but I’m not spiritual enough or something, I guess.

    I should be working on my cover letter for a job application. Thanks for making me feel bad. 😉
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Hey- look over there! =-.

  • Ela-
    Haha! I love the lesson about peeing when you need to! I know how you feel! lol Just one more paragraph!! 😉

    I’m so glad you enjoyed these questions/thoughts! They’ve been running (literally) through my brain for a while now. So yeah, glad you liked them! And glad they were thought-provoking!

  • Ooh – deep thinking required. Hmmmm….

    3 things: getting me and kids ready earlier than I think necessary leads to a much less stressful departure and allows for us to arrive on time (novel, huh?), I really like sprouted quinoa, being open and real with new friends can allow for a more substantial relationship to form more quickly. Oh, and a 4th thing from a Bible study today: why are we trying to please/not be judged by people we don’t even like? If I don’t approve of their lifestyle/beliefs/diet/parenting/etc, why do I want them to approve of mine?

    Right now I really should get off the computer and go be with my babies. So I’m off…
    .-= Michelle@ Housewife in the Raw´s last blog ..Quinoa Grape Salad =-.

  • Oh my gosh – more wonderful food for thought and questions! I’ve been pondering that question from yesterday ever since I read it – was even going to blog about it but I don’t think I’m going to have time to write a blog post today (coming toward the end of our Oregon trip) –

    love the alternate nostril breathing; love the suggestions for a calmer, more in-the-flow kind of life.

    3 lessons from today? Well, today is still young, but three that immediately come to mind are: make some time to stretch before going to town to work; pack more food so that you don’t run out, and go pee when you need to instead of sitting and typing and saying ‘just one more paragraph!!’

    Plenty of lessons from yesterday too – and I love the suggestion of writing down goals and reviewing them regularly – it’s a huge help in creating one’s reality.

    Ok – now I’m going to pee!
    .-= Ela´s last blog ..Restaurant Review – Blossoming Lotus in Portland Gourmet Foods and Sensitive Tummies- Whats the Culprit =-.

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