In the Mix: Cupcakes

Remember these (omg-amazingly-delicious-and-creamy-goodness loaded-with-white-SUGAR-and-cream-cheese-and-dairy-and-gluten) cupcakes from New Orleans?

Well, I made cupcakes. But not those cupcakes.

These cupcakes. In fact, these weren’t just any cupcakes. No, no, they were special cupcakes…

Why were they special? Well, for starters they are free of gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy, soy, corn, rice, casein, peanut, yeast, and sugar (well except for the honey I added).

Another reason they were special is because they were made with love… oh, and came from the kitchen genius women of the Twin Cakes Bakery– or Pure2Raw. Get your mix here!

hehe- looks like a little turtle or some type of creature or something...

Seriously, what cupcake is dressed properly without frosting? Twin Cakes Bakery frosting, anyone? YES, please!

Buy. This. Frosting. Now.

For the cupcakes- all you need is their amazing dry mix of well, dry ingredients, and then a few added “wets” to create magic:

  • water
  • coconut oil
  • coconut sugar (or agave)
  • vanilla
  • applesauce

I did make some substitutions though, because my name is Lori and that is what I do. I added honey and stevia in replace of the coconut sugar and vanilla and almond extracts. Who doesn’t love vanilla almond flavored cupcakes?

Ratings and reviews of these cupcakes…?

Cupcakes: A-! Alright, so mine look super weird with the frosting because (I’m weird myself) and melted the chocolate frosting first- you may skip this step- but honestly buy the frosting. The only reason these cupcakes get the minus is because I kind of winged the amount of sweetener. They could have been sweeter but they were super fluffy, super moist, and tasted great!

Frosting: A+++++++++ Am I bias because I love chocolate or because this frosting really is outstanding? I may or may not have been caught (several times) eating spoonfuls out of the jar… Chocolatey, sweet but not too sweet, soft and creamy, perfectly made. You be the judge.


In other news…

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