Protein, Spices, and Goals

I have been a pretty busy bee lately. Besides making some bomb almond butter delivery vehicles (see above), I’ve been stepping my game up in the gym (with CrossFit AND personal training) and moving to the next level with my business. Both of which are reflecting in a positive way.

These fluffy wanna-be flap jacks are actually a hybrid. Katie and April both posted some high protein eggcakes (my new awesome name for them) and I lovingly used the recipes to create the magical cake above. Ok, so I didn’t really create anything special but my recipe included the following:

High Protein Eggcakes

  • egg whites
  • canned pumpkin
  • baking soda
  • baking powder
  • vanilla extract
  • pumpkin spice
  • stevia

I’m incredibly bad at actually measuring anything when “creating” or recreating a recipe so just use my method and throw things into a bowl and stir. Then scoop some batter onto a heated pan and cook. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Getting back from New Orleans, and the high volume of my business and new business partners (yay!!), has kind of messed up my exercise routine. Usually I have a completely rock solid routine each day- usually it’s always the same. Lately, since I’ve been so busy my days are flipped, I’m not sleeping as much (I’m excited!), and there just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes. But, I’m still doing CrossFit, with a few more days off than normal, filling in the gaps with runs, weights, or personal training (hi Nick!). Calories out… calories in…

5 points to whoever can name that bread-like roll…

Ready? Set? Go!!!!!

Ok, I totally lied, there are no points in this game but you can add as many as you want to your own score, anyway.

This spongy, fluffy, rolled mass is injera; an Ethiopian staple, eaten daily. Made out of teff flour and yeast-risen, it’s a completely unique type of bread, almost like a crepe.

Anyway, part of the boyfriend’s family owns a store that carries teff and injera- THANK YOU. Since we had injera, we had to make an Ethiopian dish to go with it.

Sauteed onions and chicken in a spiced tomato sauce is a typical Ethiopian dish to top injera. The special spice- the most amazing spice there is, in my opinion- makes this dish.

Any guesses on this one???

You can use this to top ANYTHING your little heart desires. My favorite: Eggs.

Berbere, the magical spice. Made of a spice mixture of chile peppers, ginger, cloves, coriander, allspice, rue berries, and ajwain.

Typically, an Ethiopian meal is served on top of the injera, and then eaten with your hands, scooping up the dish with pieces of the injera. We topped ours with a cabbage/yogurt salad and our berbere chicken.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for today. I love everyone’s comments from yesterdaygreat comments, people! And one thing everyone seemed to touch on was writing down goals. This can be a powerful way to move your life toward your goals. Goal boards are great. Take a huge piece of paper, some markers, and get to drawing/writing out a plan of action for each day, week, month, whatever. Or make a poster of magazine cutouts of what you want to achieve. Place this in a visible spot in your house so you get to look at it every day.

This is sort of my November business plan breakdown… what I want to achieve and how I will get there- the tasks involved in making it happen.

Good luck with your goals!

What are you working towards?

Have you ever made a goal board or poster?

Ethiopian food? Ethnic foods? What’s your favorite???

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