Monday Talk

Soooooooooooo……. What shall we talk about today?

It’s Monday. We all got an extra hour to sleep in, sort of, right? I definitely appreciated that time change. Waking up at 5:15 am, when my body feels like it’s really 6:15 am, actually helped a lot. With that extra little bit of sleep, I was able to PR on my deadlift this morning in CrossFit (Hell yeah!). I PR’ed by 15 pounds for a 3 rep max, which means I have a lot more in my lift for the next time we do 1 rep maxing. (does that lingo make any sense to anyone besides me?)

What else could we talk about? Shall we talk about gratitude? How about two things I’m grateful for for Sunday and Monday’s Gratitude Nuggets?

November 7 Gratitude Nugget: Being blessed with great friends, via this blog and in person.

I am grateful for knowing some inspiring, energetic, motivating, and just awesome women in the blog world. I know that if I have a question about something or even a bad day, I have a few friends out there that I can lean on. It doesn’t matter that they are virtual friends, they are still friends.

In the “real world” I have some pretty cool friends too. On Saturday, a friend got some free tickets to see the Sharks play. Free? Yes. Even better, 6th row. Um, definitely YES. Thank you, Neil!


I do love a good photo session...

November 8 Gratitude Nugget: Weight lifting PR’s.

These girls know some things about breaking personal records. It feels great lifting more than you did previously, especially when you’re not even aware of it until after you complete the lift and add up the weight. 🙂

So, we’ve gotten Monday out of the way. We’ve talked about gratitude and even some exercise. The only thing left to chat about is food. Of course we have to include foods from the weekend.

Wine and dine you’re hearts out…

Roasted lamb marinated with a mint chimichurri sauce

Clockwise from lower left: Seared calamari steak, curried chickpea mash, grilled/pan fried sardines, meat from King crab legs, chimichurri roasted lamb, and roasted okra


Gratitude: What are you grateful for at this moment? You. And your future comment on this post!

What habit have you been indulging in? My habit at the moment may or may not be drinking coffee… and rice milk lattes. I’m addicted. 😉