Arabic Eats

My boyfriend is half Arabic, half German. I eat well with either side of the family…

Let’s look at only one side today. 😉

Clockwise from top right: (not really traditional Arabic but still delicious) Scrambled eggs and pulled pork, Fuul (my favorite!), and Labneh with spiced pepper, cayenne, and dried mint sprinkled on top.

Fuul is one of my favorite things to eat. It’s also incredibly easy to make. Canned fava beans heated with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Throw in some diced tomatoes, fresh pomegranate seeds, and lots of tahini and you’ve got yourself a hearty, healthy, fantastic breakfast.

This breakfast was from this last weekend. Mmmm. Made without power, too (but we cheated since we have a generator for such power-outage events).

This next Fuul breakfast comes from an Arabic restaurant in Los Angeles we went to during the summer. Still amazing tasting but nothing compares to homemade. (Taken with my old camera.)

Another version of Fuul
pickled veggies and hummus
Scrambled eggs with I don't know what else but they tasted fantastic.

Next up is dinner in the Samaan (boyfriend’s) extended family’s house.

Homemade (of course!) stuffed grape leaves, stuffed cabbage, and stuffed zucchini. Drizzled with labneh.

All made in a giant vessel, covered (with a heavy weighted object- no idea what’s it called) and steamed.

And that’s all the past pictures I could find of my Arabic eats, even though I eat it often. I love the tastes of Arabic dishes for the different spices, the cooking techniques, and the interesting ingredients that all make up a new experience of eating. Any “new” type of food is awesome. I love it all.

What “new” foods have you tried lately?

What are your favorite flavors of these different dishes?

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