Beyond The Resolution

My new (and completely wonderful) camera has given me a chance to learn new technical concepts and new ways to express myself with better photographs (as subjective as that may be). But learning this new device is a bit challenging. I mean, there are so many dials and adjustments to make, not to mention a user manual of 100+ pages.

Producing a photograph with perfect resolution and sharpness holds the key to great pictures. It will always be trial and error. A balancing act. Alas, this is life.

Like with learning to use a new camera, life holds similar challenges. Image resolution are the details an image holds. Your life actions holds these same details as, say, an image resolution, producing the details that your image holds. Changing the resolution will often give you different details, or different outcomes to the choices you make.

An image can have too much noise, creating an unwanted dusty or grainy look. Again, too much noise and clutter in your life acts in much the same way, adding stress to your view of the world, literally causing graininess to an otherwise clear picture.

Sunny day in Santa Cruz, CA

Exposure, whether the level of light or dark are too high or too low, will affect things, too.  The amount of light captured on the photographic medium (or life), or light you let into the “camera”, all create just the right exposure. These adjustments control the amount of light that is allowed to fall on the film. In many different ways, we are all trying to find just the right amount of light exposure to fall into our lives.

New Year’s Eve always brings new beginnings, or at least New Year’s resolutions. For most, these resolutions are a few goals that usually stay with them for a few weeks before petering away with all intention to keep them. Like keeping your camera subject in focus, sometimes goals get a little fuzzy…

Outside my window

I usually don’t set New Year’s goals because really, as I don’t want to end up breaking them. And for the most part, my goals, or things I accomplish, are things I want to do already. If I’m not happy with something I am doing, I stop doing it. Things like exercise will always be a top priority of mine so I rarely need any external motivation (like a New Year’s Resolution) to keep me going.

However, there are goals out there that I do want to complete. But these goals are tucked away in the back of my head in a safe place. A place, which I never wanted to admit to myself (or anyone else), that if these goals were out in the open, they would face vulnerability. See, my secret goals are mine. If I don’t let them out into the open, they cannot be broken, failed, or not achieved, because they are not yet set. They’re secret so they are safe.

This year can be different for those goals. I can take them out of hiding, out of the safe room, and introduce them to the sun. I can work at them, adjusting the exposure, resolution, and focus, and make them into something tangible. Maybe a little birdie changed my way of thinking. Or maybe it was reading about how much one person can change their life and achieve so much. Or maybe it is just me knowing there is more to myself than what I currently show, looking beyond the resolution…

My (short list of) Goals for 2011:

  1. Teach personal training (will be certified in January!)
  2. Teach TRX (certified in late January!)
  3. Start a boot camp class with Anne (or at least help her create one so I can “intern”)
  4. Complete 10 body weight chin-ups
  5. Be clear and determined about what I want
  6. Learn to say no

How will you create a better imagine in 2011?


P.S. I heart Photoshop.

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