Can you handle it? The Fight Gone Bad Workout

This title could only mean one of two things.

1. Either I got my ass beat lost in a fist/boxing/kicking/girl fight or…

2. That was the WOD we did in CrossFit yesterday.

I’ll let you be the decider on this one, but I will give you a hint- It looked like this:

Fight Gone Bad
5 Rounds total
30 seconds each exercise, then switch to the next
after the whole sequence, rest 1 minutes then repeat for 5 rounds

  • Clean & Jerk (men 135#, women 95#- I did 75#)
  • Kettlebell swings (men 72#, women 54#)
  • Box jumps (men 24″, women 20″)
  • Burpees


After each round we called out our total reps for the round. Here are mine. Being the only women, I rocked the men’s totals.

Lori: 37, 40, 39, 39.5, 39
Men’s average: 30, 29, 29, 28, 28

Yes, I am sore(ish). I’m just thankful we didn’t do the original CrossFit Fight Gone Bad workout…

Three rounds of:

  • Wall-ball, 20#, 10 ft target
  • Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75#
  • Box Jump, 20″ box
  • Push-press, 75#
  • Row

Either way, it looks fun, right?

With always beating myself up (at the gym), rewarding is in order.

My late birthday present/early Christmas present from he Boyfriend, was delivered yesterday! And that is all you get for now on that subject. Time will reveal all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will give you a little hint though:

Things will look a lot better with my gift.

Any guesses???

What is your favorite way to workout? Slow, steady yoga? Fast cardio work? HEAVY lifts?

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