Smoke a little smoke, drink a little drink?

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Come on- you know that song… and it does pertain to this post! In a good way.

Friday, in an attempt to keep myself busy, not bored, and be productive (at work), I spent my time learning how to use my camera by taking pictures of inatimate objects around the office. See:

I love my new camera.

Anyway, Friday night I spent smoking.

And no, not the reefer. Not cigarettes.

Meat. Oh yes

As an early Christmas present to my boyfriend, I forked out a lot of money bought him a meat smoker! I’m totally reaping the benefits though. The food is outrageously delicious. Words cannot describe. I’m drooling, just a bit, thinking about Friday’s dinner.

Boyfriend, pull that meat! (hehe)

Sascha, boyfriend, made pulled pork via smoking and it was amazing. Actually, it was mouthwatering A M A Z I N G.

Mama Samaan baked fresh half whole wheat rolls (these were fantastic) and prepared a slaw to go on the pulled pork sandwhiches.

And this sandwich is proof that when a few items love each other, I mean really love each other, an unpictured food baby can be born. Or it’s just proof that this was the best sandwich I have ever had.


Moving on.

This weekend seemed pretty long. But long in a very good way. Besides the fact that Saturday morning at 3:00 am, three (huge) powerpoles went down right in front of our house. Amazing since there was no wind, rain, snow, anything to cause them to fall.

But fall they did.

And who am I not to go outside in boxers, a jacket, Uggs, and my camera, and not take a million pictures? I’m sure the PG&E workers loved me being there…

And that leads me to my final note about the weekend. Since the powerpoles went down, the power went with them. And that means there is only one thing left to do…

Bevmo’s Holiday Beer Sampler time with the boyfriend. Via candlelight. πŸ™‚


P.S. Tomorrow marks the Twelve Days Before Christmas- You won’t want to miss this post. πŸ˜‰

QUESTION: What do you do (would you do) when the power goes out (because everyone’s power goes out in the mountains where I live, so I need ideas for the upcoming storms…)

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  1. Great pics and great idea to get smoking! We smoke fish etc up here, obviously, but it’s much harder to do when it’s so cold out.

    Power goes out all the time here, and when I lived in HI, sometimes I had no electricity (depending on where I was living). Easier to deal with in HI, though… We keep candles where we can find them, keep our headlamp and flashlight batteries charged. Have lots of blankies on the couch πŸ˜‰ It’s easier when you’re not by yourself and can tell stories with someone else. I hope that it doesn’t happen too often for you, though!

    .-= Ela´s last blog ..Getting Better – Spontaneity and Clothes that Fit – Reminders =-.

  2. Gorgeous pics!! So jealous of your weather. I was dying in my game this weekend from heat stroke. 81 degrees in december! Ugh…and when the power goes out I would suggest READ. When else are you away from technology like that?
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..More Holiday Baking =-.

  3. I honestly never think I ever had smoked meat or fish, but it looks good.
    Great pics with the new camera!! I am still learning my too. And that 10 handcrafted beers sounds like a great Christmas gift for my dad, he loves beer!! Did you like it??

  4. my grandpa and i used to “smoke” fish when i was little. he had a homemade smoker that he made himself. very resourceful cool guy πŸ™‚
    anyway-smoked fish is a-may-zing. that pork looks pretty dang tasty too!
    the first year we were married we ran out of propane on christmas eve-up in the colorado rockies. no heat. not good.
    we snuggled under the electric blanket.
    as far as electricity going out—-yikes. unless you have a woodburner, fireplace, or a generator, i don’t know what kinds of options there are.
    .-= Heather (Perspective Is Everything)´s last blog ..Music Monday =-.

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