Anne and Lori Take on Berkeley (and arm balances and inversions)

This weekend was beautiful wasn’t it?! The sun was out (at least in my neck of the woods), the air warm(ish), and vitamin D was ready to be absorbed… And fear was ready to be tackled!

By fear, I mean, a 3.5 hour yoga workshop entitled, “Fight or Flight: Overcoming Fear to Conquer Inversions.” So naturally, we practiced arm balances and inversions, and the things that keep us from being able to freely flow–> fear.

Anne invited me to take on this challenge of a class with her in Berkeley, CA, and I gladly accepted. I’ve take a workshop on arm balances and inversions with the same instructor (before he was just the apprentice to the instructors) and it was incredible, so I knew this would be a great learning experience.

But before we get into the workshop, we must properly fuel our bodies… and take a look at all the pictures leading up to the workshop. 😉

Anne and I found a cute little cafe where the mugs were big and the food smelled good, so we decided this would be our breakfast destination.

Giant Soy Chai for one. Me!
I have no idea why I look like I have man hands- I swear I don't... But the chai was GOOD.

Where the magic happens?

Anne’s dish of housemade granola with soy milk.

My meal of oats and fresh fruit. Perfect for pre-yogaing.

Then we hit up a candy store (among other shops) to temp ourselves. And no, we sustained from buying anything, but it was fun to look through.

After walking around a little part of Berkeley, wandering in and out of shops, it was finally time to head over for the yoga class!

The beauties before.

The beasts after! (with our… um… HOT instructor and our sweaty selves.)

Meet Brian Aganad. Yoga instructor extraordinaire. He can do amazing things with a handstand. Seriously. See for yourself:

And yes, he was fun to look at.

The workshop was incredible, of course. We started the class in a circle, introducing ourselves, telling everyone our background in yoga and one things that scared us. The thing that scares me is failure, so I have been working on being ok with not being perfect, and allowing myself to not do everything 100% correct (since I’m usually way off anyway. lol).

But since we were working on the techniques to conquer our fears of arm balances and handstands, we went through the different versions of a few poses and Brian explained how each and every asana (pose) in yoga is there for a purpose (and most arm balances lead to handstand). Again, the class met far beyond my expectations and I learned a lot. And left sweaty, sore, and STARVING.

A quote that Brian said, that really stuck with me, was, “The best things in life come unexpected.” How true is that? Not to mention, unexpectedly we found the best food in all of Berkeley, just by walking by trying to find some place to eat.

Best. Food. Ever.

Pedro’s Brazil Cafe. I’m telling you, if you go to Berkeley, you have to try this food. It’s cheap, freshly made (they even bake their own breads!), friendly service (we were greeted with free samples!), and omgsooooooooogood.

After waiting what seemed like forever since we were seriously about to eat our yoga mats, our food came…

I’m not going to lie, I ate this entire plate (and may or may not have ordered another one to go for “my boyfriend”)… (and I may or may not have eaten half of it when I got home 1.5 hours later- I was hungry!)

The Combo Mediterranean Plate: Chicken, carne asada, grilled onions, salad, hummus, creamy cilantro sauce, and fresh baked pita bread. Absolutely amazing flavors, and TONS of garlic. 😉

Anne went with the veggie sandwich: Freshly baked bread, creamy cilantro sauce, greek olives, tons of veggies, avocado, and other amazing goodies.

Super blurry, but this is Anne, me, and B, Anne’s stowaway husband. 😉 (he came with us and spent the day walking around the town- no yoga for him)

Just so you know, the Brazil Cafe is on University. 😉

This sign could not be any more fitting for my life right now… neither could the meaning of the workshop. Fear and love. We all need to accept both. 🙂


What old way of being is no longer serving you?

What are you learning?

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