The Bug and The Plant

Saturday morning, I visited San Francisco with my sister. We walked, talked, and ate. And oh my goodness, the weather was beautiful.

At The Plant, I sustained from the desserts but I did get a giant salad that cost as much as the breakfasts combined that you’ll see below.

My salad of chicken and tons of veggies
My sister's Greek salad

We hit up the farmers market at the Ferry Building, too. It was insanely crowded but worth battling the browsers.

Other than the food, I took no pictures. Ug. lol

Sunday I hit up the gym with my second month of Rachel Cosgrove’s exercise plan. Let’s just say the workout was intense and I think this is the best lifting routine ever. Seriously. But this post is about food so food will be shown… more on the workout later…

After my hour-long battle with weights, I met up with Anne for another round of farmers markets, this time in Campbell. But first, we needed some nourishment.

Aqui‘s has the best all organic, all natural Mexican food, at least for the price. There are vegan and vegetarian options, all homemade everything, and all their meats being local and organic.

I went with protein city with a breakfast of organic, whole-grain corn polenta, scrambled eggs, steamed veggies, and turkey sausage. It was delicious.

Anne went with a vegetarian option:

Breakfast polenta roll-up stuffed with veggies, eggs, and hearty corn polenta. And yes, all this food (both dishes and two cups o’ coffee) was the same price as my large salad, above, and a $3.50 small cup of coffee. Organic or not, geez.

Hmmm… let’s see, what else did I do this weekend?

Oh yeah, I helped chop wood at my house, since we heat the house with a wood burning stove, and found this guy (if you are squeamish, cover your eyes):


This thing was disgusting. And huge. Like at least 3 inches long with thick skin. And anyone who can identify the alien will get 10 points… and free cookies. Seriously. I’ll send you cookies. 🙂 I’ve asked a (pretty freakin’ smart) biologist and my biology-majored sister and neither knew.

And I will leave you on this fabulous Monday morning that is a holiday that I am working with one of two presents Anne got me for Christmas. Present one, an apron. I love it! And for some reason, my baking lifestyle is lacking an apron. Perfect!

Yes, lovely.

Present two:

Cedar wood baking planks. How awesome are these?! I’ll be posting this dish tomorrow! Anne‘s the best present-giver ever.

Happy Monday!

Monday Questions:

Who knows what bug that is?!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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