How to Butterfly a Chicken

I once was a virgin…

…At making butterflied chicken.

I have graciously eaten this dish many times before but never made a whole chicken myself. Yes, I’m usually the dubbed Spicer, happily sprinkling salt, pepper, and other aromatic flavors about it’s exterior, but never have I been the one to unwrap, de-innard , dress, and well, prepare the nasty thing.

It’s not that I’m against the preparation, I just have never been given the opportunity to turn this bird into a downright deliciously moist morsel of a dinner item. Until last night.

This story continues with me womaning up, slapping on a pair of rubber gloves (protection people!), and getting down and dirty.

Gently at first…

Gain trust.

Then dig right in.

Oh, and cut the thing in half- oh my!

Spice, rattle, and roll into the oven.

And let’s not forget my favorite thing of all: Kabocha (and veggies).

Because every main dish needs a friend. And kabocha just happens to be my other lover.

A little creamy tofu sauce? Best. Recipe. Ever. Just subbed most of the nuts for tofu. Delish!

And the three-some begins…

Ugly but tasty. Oh, and cooked to perfection! 😉

A little chicken fat (from the roasting pan) for those who wanted a little extra flavor-lovin’

And can you believe, all the plated pictures turned out incredibly blurry. But that’s ok, it still tasted good.

And no, I wasn’t copying Ms. Sophia. It’s just that great minds think alike, you know?

The butterflied virgin no more.

What is one new thing you did or learned this week? I’ve got two!

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