Trenta: Just DON’T Do It

*Updated Below*

Is anyone else disgusted by this?

Starbucks’ New ‘Trenta’ Cup: The Unhealthy Details

Starbucks is coming out with a new cup size! Now you can drink your liquid crack (most of the time LOADED with ungodly amounts of sugar) in mass quantities without refilling your cup.

The Trenta holds a whopping 31 ounces, or nearly a quart of liquid (uh, or my Sigg bottle)… I’m sorry, when did this become acceptable? The only reason anyone should order this is to feel a small family starving from lack of caffeine.

My rant is done for the day.

Thoughts anyone?

*Updated 1/21: Wonderful blogger, Zoe, filled me in on the real story of the Trenta. This large container will only be sold with iced coffee or teas, not supersized triple-shot pumpkin spiced cinnamon dulce peppermint whatever. 😉 (sounds kinda good, right? right?) So, I guess that’s better…sort of… and this way you won’t have to worry about your coffee getting cold before you finish it. And lastly, that size probably don’t even contain a fraction of the calories it could. Sorry Starbucks! My mistake. Just don’t make me have to repeat this post when you want to fill this monster with milky beverages.

Thanks, Zoe!

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