I’m saying Happy Monday with a very late post. I’m working on updating the look and feel of my blog, and trying desperately to make it load faster…

That being said, I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with WordPress. Grrr. <–me being angry.

While you’re here, I do have a recipe to share, making your click to What Runs Lori worthwhile. But you’ll have to make a trip to Kara’s blog, The Very Next Thing where I’m up for Muffin -Up Monday’s. I’m sharing my healthy Spiced Apple Muffin recipe. It’s good, promise. 😉

Oh, and thank you for all the awesome comments on the Roasted Banana Soft Serve gig. Each comment made me smile. I’m having SO much fun with my camera, new light box, and creativity. 🙂 And there were some great suggestions for the alcohol-infused/induced fudge I’ll be playing with soon. Love you ladies/guys(?)

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