ABC’s of Me and Spicy Berbere Chili with Pesto’ed Hummus

Katie thought she was the last one in the blog world to help circulate this one, but she was wrong. I am. But here you go, a little bit about me.

ABC’s of Me

Age: 26

Bed: Queen pillow-top with high thread count bedding and fluffy pillows. I take my bed time seriously.

Chore you hate: I hate the part that comes after actually washing the clothes, you know, drying them and folding.. but I love vacuuming.

I don’t like doing dishes either…

Dogs: I miss having pets. I grew up with two dogs, a collie mix and a little toy poodle. 🙂

Essential start to your day: Exercise. And a trip to the bathroom. But not in that order.

My TRX and I. Fun, huh?!

Favorite color: Coral (reddish-orangey)

Gold or Silver: I’m not picky, I’ll take either.

Height: 5’4 1/2

Instrument you play: I used to play the piano, clarinet and base clarinet. Now I can bust out a quarter of a song on the piano. Sad.

Job title: Internet/blog surfer Executive Assistant

Kids: No. Just no. I’m way too selfish.

Live: Los Gatos, CA (I LOVE it)

Technically this is Santa Cruz but I’m right in the middle so I can claim both.

Mom’s name: Carole

Nicknames: Lo, Mwrar (don’t ask), Sissy (by my sister, duh), Bitch…?

Overnight hospital stays: Not yet.. hopefully not ever..

Pet peeve: Talking just to talk. Stop it. (That’s why you should get a blog, so people don’t have to listen.)

Quote from a movie: Sorry, all out of movie quotes.

Right or left: Right handed

Siblings: Younger sister. Hi Sister!

Time you wake up: 6:15 am… like clockwork.

Underwear: Yes, I am currently wearing them. They were purchased at Victoria’s Secret.

Recycled aluminum underwear?

Vegetable that you hate: Water chestnuts (are these even vegetables?!). I cannot and will not.

What makes you run late:  Kind of like What Runs Lori? I hate being late so it’s usually traffic or finding a parking spot (San Francisco, you have got to have one of the worse parking-spot cities. Ever).

X-rays you’ve had: Arm, wrist, foot, teeth…

Yummy food you make: If it’s green, it’s good. Cupcakes, Pizza, Smoothies, Pancakes, Oddities, it’s all good in my humble opinion. 😉

Yummy and healthy banana bread! Recipe here!

 Zoo, favorite animal: Zebras! So pretty!


So, that’s me. Well, a few things about me. You’re probably bored out of your minds now. How about a recipe to pep you up?!

How about the best chili recipe ever? Ok, ok, you twisted my arm, here you go!


Random Question of the Day:

If you were an alphabet letter, which one would you be and why?

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