Skinny Wednesday: 10 Things

Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday!

Last week I shared some things I’m doing to slim down my day, mentally. And I like the concept of Skinny Wednesdays for releasing negativity. Like I wrote last week: “It’s time to unload those plates, decompress that brain, and take the weight of the world off from your shoulders. Today is about allowing life to flow. To just happen.”

So here we go. Your assignment for today’s Skinny Wednesday is to write 10 things. Simple. But really do try it.

  1. On a piece of paper  write down the name of a person (you know personally or not) that you look up to, admire, respect, etc. Maybe even a someone you are slightly jealous of.
  2. Write 10 things you respect or admire about that person.
  3. Read it out loud.
  4. At the top of that paper, cross out their name.
  5. At the top of that paper of things you admire and respect, write YOUR name.
  6. Read it out loud with the intention that you wrote these things for you.
  7. Read it again if you need to, but absorb the words of admiration and respect that you have written about yourself.
  8. Accept that these things are really about you, who you are and who you are working towards.
  9. Smile.
  10. Have a wonderful Skinny Wednesday.


Feel free to use the comments area as your piece of paper. I’ll be doing this there later.

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