The Lone Meatball Cupcake

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The Lone Meatball Cupcakes. So good.

I should get a new slogan… since I’m like the iPhone…

Need something warm and toasty? I’ve got a cupcake for that.

Want something cheesy and melty? I’ve got a cupcake for that.

Want something loaded with omega fats and boasts even more flavor? I’ve got a cupcake for that.

Want something to do with last night’s leftovers?

Oh yes, I’ve got a cupcake for that.

I will spare you all the horrible photo of the leftover and just tell you that it included lamb and beef meatballs swimming in homemade pasta sauce. You can use any recipe for the meatballs you like, even vegan/veg/meat-free ones. I pretty much just threw things together, mixed, seared, and baked.

Anyway, back to the cupcakes…

I also happened to have leftover vegan artichoke dip (compliments of Making Food And Other Stuff) that needed a purpose.

And all I did was combine some key leftovers and voila! You’ve got yourself a…

The Lone Meatball Cupcakes

  • egg roll wrappers (can you tell I LOVE these guys?!)
  • meatballs of choice (already cooked, in pasta sauce- or buffalo sauce!! Mmm, recipe idea!)
  • vegan artichoke dip (heavy on the Dijon mustard)

Pop your cupcake tin into the oven and preheat all to 425 degrees.

When oven is at said temperature, carefully remove your cupcake tins and line with egg roll wrappers (however you can). Place two heaping spoonfuls of artichoke dip into the lined tins, top with a lone meatball and sauce.

Place meatball cupcakes back into the 425 degree oven and “bake” for 10-15 minutes. Or forget about them, like I did (while I was busy taking pictures of another recipes I had going on) and get your meatball cupcakes nice ‘n crispy.

These, hands down, are delicious. And a wonderful use of leftovers. Way better than each on their own.

Ooooh, and don’t forget, if you’ve got a sweet-tooth: I’ve even got a sweet crazy cookie dough peanut butter wonderfulness cupcake for that.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have to mention that I failed as a blogger because I did say that these wonderful little egg roll wrappers were gluten free… um, not the case. I’m sorry! I’m still eating them though. They’re fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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