30 x 30

30×30. It equals 900. It’s not my dimensions. It’s not my weight. It’s not my IQ.

I’d gladly take it as my IQ, though.


Dubbed one of the many "Blonde IQ Tests." For what it's worth, I am not a blonde. I also do not think blonde's are stupid. You're smart people too. Most, much more so than I. 😉



30×30 was my workout! Actually, it’s Kelly’s workout, which I stole. And accomplished. Katie knows what I’m talking about.

It took me exactly 70 minutes, from start to finish, completing 30 reps of 30 exercises. It was awesome, in a painful, masochistic sort of way. And of course, I loved it.

So, the workout went a little somethin’ like this…

  1. push ups
  2. crunches
  3. pull ups (mine were assisted)
  4. hanging abs
  5. split jumps
  6. side planks (30 each side)
  7. Bosu squats (standing on the flat sides)
  8. russian twists on stability ball (30 each side)
  9. bar curls (I used a 35 pound bar)
  10. low plank – knees to elbows (30 total)
  11. tricep rope push down (I used 45 pounds)
  12. supine floor bridges
  13. medicine ball slams
  14. windshield wipers (30 total)
  15. dumbbell pistons (I used a 25 lb DB)
  16. hi plank – legs in and out
  17. bar goodmornings (I used 85 pounds)
  18. V-ups
  19. Dumbbell chest press (I used 20 pound DB’s)
  20. diver crunch
  21. reverse grip lat pull down (I used 50 pounds)
  22. ball twists
  23. bench dips
  24. Skaters (30 each way)
  25. Step ups (30 each leg)
  26. TRX supermans
  27. reverse lunges (30 each leg)
  28. suicide planks
  29. static lunge with medball hi-lo toss (30 each leg)
  30. bird dogs

Aaaaaaaaaand then I was done. *wipes sweat from brow*

I did this in between training a client and going to work. When I finally got to my full time job, it was 9 am… and I felt like it was 1 pm… so much packed into one early morning. And then I snacked on these…

And that was Friday. Today is Saturday. Ahhhhh, wonderful, lazy Saturday. not... the lazy part, it’s still wonderful in my eyes.

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So, in closing, you’ll get some yummy snacky recipes very soon. And happy Saturday, everyone! I’m off to teach a Bridal Boot Camp class (so nervous and excited all at the same time)!!! Fun times. 🙂


What is something exciting you’re doing today?

Are you willing to try the 30×30?

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