Sexy California Mud Pie (Raw, Paleo, and Indulgent)

Another weekend has come and went and we’re back at the beginning of the week. Happy Monday! I have to admit, starting my day with a session at the gym just puts me into a fantastic mood. Exercise is wonderful and those little endorphins that follow a hard workout are just what a Monday requires.

So, I have a truly huge backlog of recipes/photos to post and I’m trying to get through all of them… and then I make another recipe that outdoes the previous. Then I end up digging myself back in the hole with all the recipes that I haven’t yet posted. I’ll get there…. eventually.

Today I’ve got a recipe for Sexy California Mud Pie. Delicious, vegan, uncooked, nutritious, easy, filling, decadent, yummy, the list could just go on and on.

This was created on a whim… and a craving… and the results could not have turned out better.



Heaven in a walnut crust.

What a way to start a weekday. Unsinful Mud Pie!

Want a bite?

Question of the Day:

What are 3 things that today (or the weekend) has taught you that you can improve on tomorrow?

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