Guest Post: Crazy Healthy

While I’m soaking up the sun and hanging out with the family in Sedona, I’ve asked a very special person to write a guest post for What Runs Lori.

I’d like to introduce you to Anne. My best friend, my savior, my faaaaaaaaaaaaavorite person ever, this girl does it all. She’s kinda like a super hero…


As Lori’s partner in crime and biggest bloggie fan, I am so excited and honored to pop by and guest post today while she’s off having adventures in my home state!

In the past year, I quit my job

got married

moved across the country

started a new life

started my own business

and started two blogs.

Believe you me.  I know stress.

And staying fit and healthy in the midst of all the insanity can be a pain in the ass.  Even when you do it for a living!

Here are a few things that have kept me rolling on my own fitness journey while I’ve been on the road, off the road, sweaty, tired and ready to just give up and live on Diet Coke, Cliff Bars and Netflix (yes.  Trainers feel that way too.)

  • Keep Perspective. Just step back, look at the bigger picture, and realize that everything can be taken in context.

My favorite question to ask when things get really stressful: What’s the worst thing that could POSSIBLY happen?  Most likely… it’s not anything catastrophic.

  • Keep Eating Your Veggies. Live food makes you feel better.  End of story.

It can be difficult to make the time for healthy food when life seems overwhelming… but green food will help you feel lighter, keep your immune system fueled up and your energy levels balanced.

  • Keep Moving. Exercise will increase energy levels, decrease stress and give you an outlet.
  • Now is not the time for crazy fitness or weight-loss goals. Those will only add to your to-do list.  But find the time to sweat regularly to keep yourself sane and help you maintain your current level of fitness.
  • Keep Breathing. The situation won’t last forever and you WILL make it.

When in doubt, take 5 deep breaths, making your exhale one count longer than your inhale.  Go back to step one and take a look at the bigger picture.

Feel free to pop by Zen Pulse for food, fitness and fun

by Chute Assis for a dose of attitude and the odds and ends that make up my life

And remember: You are YOU – and that kicks ass!

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