The Life of a Do-Too-Mucher

Are you a do-too-mucher?

Do you say yes to everything? Do you fill your days, jam-packed, without even trying or being aware of it? Do you want to do it all? Be the hero…? Make sure all people like you? Are you helpful and motivated and enthusiastic for life?

If you answered yes to a good portion of these questions, it’s ok. You’re just like me. 😉

In all seriousness, this isn’t a negative thing, it just means you might be a Do-Too-Mucher (and possibly a people-pleaser).

I sure know I am.

I try my best to fill my day, week, month, year, life with all I can. Most of the time I don’t even realize I’ve taken on way too much until I’m immersed in a sea of stress, just trying to doggy paddle my way through each event.

I’m not sure I even know how to be Do-Much-Lesser, but I know it’s worth striving for. Sure, having things to do and goals to meet is a wonderful, life-fulfilling thing. But there is a point of over-doing it. Just like in exercise, your body and mind need rest.

In not really knowing where I’m going with this little rant of mine, I’m offering you some suggestions on scratching off some of the to-do list. And hopefully you can offer some suggestions of your own!

My own example of doing too much includes the following on most of my days:

  • Training clients x 2
  • Train myself (lifting!)
  • Shower + get to work on time
  • Put in 8+ hours at work + blog reading/commenting
  • Recipe making (and dinner…)
  • Picture taking
  • Blogging
  • Sorting through emails
  • Reading (hopefully)
  • Breathing (?)
  • Sleep

Along with this nice list of daily activities, I am trying to create my own business, enter blog recipe contests, stay sane, plan a trip to Arizona for a family vacation in Sedona then meet and hike the Grand Canyon with Katie and Kelly!!!!), eat, grocery shop, have a social life… the list never seems to stop. In a good way, but still.

Lindsay at Cotter Crunch nailed it with one of her posts. Instead of piling up rigid goals, she strives for opportunity growth, daily challenges, and focuses throughout life. I love this idea since it takes off all of the stress and deadlines and offers (as she awesomely put it) “wiggle room”. 🙂

And then there is this post, from Zen Habits. Wonderful, wonderful resource. One of Zen Habits’ Four Commandments even states: Do Less.

It’s not about being unproductive, it’s about using Simple Productivity which, in my eyes, sounds a whole lot better than doing way too much, poorly, or half-assed. In the words of the Zen Habits’ post,

“Do Less, but make every action count. Send fewer emails, but make them important. Write fewer words, but make each word essential. Really consider the impact of every action you take, and see if you can eliminate some actions. See if you can achieve a great impact doing less. This doesn’t mean “less is more”. It means “less is better”.”

Sounds great to me!

I just enjoy this.


Instead of piling my pate with this and that and more of this, I’m going to try to fill my days with important things. Simplifying my endeavors to what I want most instead of just trying to do all of it. I’m going to try to spend more time doing things that I enjoy and relaxing just a bit on getting it all done. Because it really doesn’t all need to get done right now. 🙂

I’m going to try to pick and chose my battles a little better and learn to do less.

What are your actions (or tips) for not doing too much?


Affirmation of the Day:
“What I want for myself, The Universe wants for me.”